New season means new shoes! And I did just that. In the past week I have scored some amazing deals on new fall shoes. All from TJMAXX! All 3 styles are very different and equally fabulous. I wasn't really looking for any of these when I bought them and no I didn't buy them all the same day... and yes I was in TJMaxx two times in one week. But that's nothing new. I love finding great items at great prices, especially when it comes to some classic items. I don't know about you but any time I am actually looking for something... I CANNOT FIND IT. So whenever I see a great deal, I buy it. Especially at stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls and Home Goods for the home, since usually they only have one or a couple of the same. That is why I couldn't pass up buying these 3 pairs. These are perfect for this fall and for completely different occasions. Which makes your closet super versatile with these 3 fabulous shoes. So for under $150 you have yourself 3 equally amazing shoes.

The Nude ... I am a sucker for a pair of nudes. But I am a bigger sucker for a pair of Betsey Johnson nude patent leather BOW pumps! (Say that 5 times fast) They are amazing not just for fall but all year round ladies. I live in my nudes. They literally go with everything. And these can be dresses up and down. Double Score! Stunning, simply stunning. Sophisticated chic-appeal... that's my new word: chic-appeal ha! And yes ladies, these are the "steal" version of those amazing Valentino pumps. For a fraction of the price, you gotta have them! I want them in every color and print.
PRICE: $49.99

  The Bootie ...the ankle boot is a must have in every woman's closet. From super chic styles to more dressy and sexy pairs like these. I have 3 pairs of booties. And though I die for my other 2... these may just be my new favorite. They are made of suede and are so comfortable. I can't wait to style them. Some ideas on how to wear them would be; with a cute dress and blazer, maybe a fab leather skater skirt and a knit sweater... and of course a pair of hot leather pants! Or simply grab your favorite jeans and a fun graphic tee and you are ready for a night on the town.
PRICE: $49.99

The Moto ...a  trendy piece! But a super cool trendy piece at that. If I told you the price you wouldn't believe it! Read on... I just couldn't pass them up, they were for me, they were my size and possibly the last pair of this style, period. I have always said that it is best to spend a little more on classic pieces and much less on trendy, because simply trends go out of style and decrease in value. The boots are super edgy chic. Very a-la-Sincerely-Jules... They give you instant cool pints without having to try to hard. I haven't worn these just yet but I am patiently waiting for the right occasion. They are the perfect color too; a little gray and a little brown... to match most of my mommy chic looks. Having my 2 year old to run after, these were the perfect way to stay in style while saving money and looking like a cool mom while being comfortable ;)
PRICE: $39.99

I plan on posting style boards very soon and I will be including these shoes and how I would style them. So stay tuned for that. I filmed a short video recapping my recent shopping trips but after I edited somehow I can't get it on the right format to upload :( I have to learn more about videos because I want to start posting on my YoutTube channel, subscribe to it HERE so you don't miss the upcoming vids! If you have suggestions or tips on simple video editing, send them over to me!

Thank you all so much for your amazing love. It means so much to me, because of YOU my blog is going places! When you work hard, dreams come true!