Last night I was already in my sock bun looking fabulous and some awesome shine to this long tresses, take a look:

So this morning I wake up super excited to show all of you my fabulous curls I know I can get with my sock! Because I did it once before and they looked great....except the only photo I took I was in a towel.. Now we don't want to see that on the interweb! lol

So this is what I looked like this morning pre "revelation of the curls":

Not bad I thought... So I started to undo my sock... which you can see in the photo above... and major FAIL! But what did I do wrong? I know this works, I felt like I let you all down when I remembered I did NOT damp my hair before putting my sock on! MAJOR MISTAKE! And I apologize, that was very dumb of me, I know you all wanted to see the outcome and now I feel like a major ass! 

Here I was disappointed with my no-curls-hair:
(a little blurry because I was now in a rush)

I promise you this works for me,  I am doing it again tonight and hoping to remember to wet my hair a little - Remember your hair must be 90% dry!! Do not make the same mistake I made because you will be disappopinted.

But I must say it doesn't look too bad this morning :)