As you all know lately, I am obsessed, ok beyond obsessed with Pinterest as of lately. If you are on it, you know exactly what I mean, if you are not pinning, you should be!

With that said one of the main reasons, other than the fashion + home ideas that I find for inspiration - there of course are the beauty tips. And the latest and greatest.... curling your hair without heat.

If you are like me, I am the girliest girl but I do not have the patience nor the time to curl my hair, I have long hair and lots of it... that just equals frustration.

So here they are, there's 2 ways.

One, the sock method and two, with just a headband! Again, no heat.

The first method I personally tried, last night and I must say it is absolutely easy and simple, here is the source and please watch "The sock bun secret" first and THEN watch "Sock curls" it'll just be easier this way so you understand exactly what you need to do. I loved my curls this morning but failed to take decent pic of myself, with clothes on! I promise to post next time, which will definitely be this week.

I will post my silly before and the fabulous after.

By the way the sock bun, is amazing, your bun will look fabulous!! Always. So this is a win-win, fabulous bun and then take it off and have amazing wavy curls.

And for the second method, here is the headband method I haven't tried this one yet, but as you can see looks quite simple and completely works.

Let me know what you think about this. I would love to hear what you thought when you try it. And feel free to send me photos of your befores and afters!

Happy curling!!