It's definitely tiiiiiime! (read in Mariah's voice) - Christmas season is officially here and I am sharing a cute holiday gift idea for the kids. This is something I heard of years ago and I've always followed year after year. Give them something they want, something they need and something they can read! 

Humble brag.... my kids are amazing when it comes to their Christmas lists and they always ask for pretty simple things that are attainable lol which is why I love shopping at Walmart! This year I put together a cute list of some stuff I love for kids. I hope you enjoy it!
I love shopping for their toys at Walmart because their prices are great and they always have everything I need. I do wish they would be more discreet with deliveries tho! Box and package everything, please:) I usually shop online and love the easiness of the app. Makes this mom's life so much easier.