Hiiii! I can't believe I am here again. Wow, the amount of dust on the old blog... I feel like I forgot how to blog, you guys! So we are just going to share my thoughts, there's so much I have to catch you guys up on. It's crazy how Instagram took over and all my work (sponsored and not!) all of a sudden just took off over there. But I am happy to be here and I hope that we can rekindle the cute relationship we had. 

We have so much to catch on... I have THREE kids now! Can you believe it? Yea, me neither. The baby was born August 2020, during the pandemic and life has been crazy since then. His name is Sebastian and he is the cutest thing in my life. Ben is 11!!! Emme is 7, soon to be 8! I know, I know, what is life right? Can you believe this blog is 11 years old this year? 

Let's see, what else? OMG you guys, I launched a whole brand! It's called Pretty Kind and I am so in love with it. It's only a year old, she was born October 2021 and you guys are going to love it as much as I do. It's an apparel brand with intention. I designed sweatshirts and they have inspirational messages and affirmations. My mission is to spread kindness and speak about the important of self love and self care. You guys can check it out HERE.

I do want to be fully transparent, just like I was before, sharing the good and the "not so good". Because that's the beauty of life... there are high HIGHS and low LOWS. And that's ok, we pray and we stay grateful and we learn to navigate it all. Now I can't promise you daily posts like before but my goal is to post at the very least twice a month. I am super active on TikTok and Instagram too. So if you ever want to catch me on the daily, follow me there... for now, I am so happy to be back and thank you for opening up your arms to me without hesitation. I am so happy we are back together on here.

ps: if you want to shop this cute look on the pic, you can do so here: