Is there a better birthday party theme than a puppy adoption birthday party? I think not! Emme is an animal lover and when Joanne from Creative Twist Events suggested we plan a Puppy Adoption Party for her 5th birthday party, I screamed with excitement! Genius idea! Joanne is so good at ideas and themes, I love her work and I think so will you!  
So this past weekend we celebrated Emme's big birthday and it was a complete success. We were lucky enough to host our party at the adorable Creative Twist Events in Metuchen, NJ. Joanne - the owner - is beyond creative and detail-oriented, she came literally make any theme come to life! And she made Emme's puppy dreams come true this day. Every single detail at the party was beyond my imagination. It was just the most perfect 5th birthday party ever. We invited 12 of Emme's closest girls to come "adopt" a puppy of their choice, DIY a collar and matching bracelet... decorate their puppy house, dance and eat their way through the party - the cotton candy was the best!
I originally thought that two hours would feel rushed with all the activities planned but I was so wrong. The party flowed so well, I had time to mingle with all the adults and it was so smooth. I can confidently say this was the most relaxing party I've ever planned for my kids and I've been planning parties for the past 8 years. The team at Creative Twist Events truly does an amazing job at doing EVERYTHING. All I brought was the cake, cupcakes and puppies! 
The kids had a blast, my favorite part was the dance off! Emme can typically be shy but she was on that dance floor dancing her little booty off. It made me so happy. At the end of the day she said it was the "best day ever" and that made my mama bear heart melt! 
 Oh and in case you are wondering...

Puppies and boxes - Amazon
Puppy Hats - Target
Cake - Wegmans
Toppers - Amazon

Huge thanks to Creative Twist Events for the best puppy party EVER! I would recommend them in a heart beat for any party needs. They come to your house or venue too and plan your entire event. Or you can host any type of party at their location in Metuchen; kids and adult parties/events included. Check them out HERE and tell them I sent you!