A few weeks ago we were invited to stay at Woodloch Resort at the Poconos for a weekend and we immediately said YES! If you are unfamiliar, the Pocono Mountains is located in Pennsylvania, a short 2 hours ride from central New Jersey... On the eastern edge is the Delaware Water Gap, with river beaches and recreation facilities. Trails and bridges connect the waterfalls at nearby Bushkill Falls. it's such a beautiful drive, that it feels even that much closer.
We were so pleasantly welcomed and we truly had a weekend to remember. Here are some of our favorite things about the resort and why I recommend it if you are looking for a memorable, fun and adventurous getaway weekend. 

1. The view. There was no photo or video that did this scenery any justice... We were in awe of the beautiful river, the tall tress and simply the beauty of the crisp autumn air. Woodloch truly felt like we were on one of those Hallmark movies where life is just perfect and truly like an all-American getaway.

2. The service. We didn't know what to expect, we were just excited to be able to enjoy a getaway but as soon as we checked in we were welcomed with so much warmth. Every single staff member is so kind and cheerful. We truly felt at home. 

3. The food. We've been to many vacations with the kids but I've never experience the level of dining service we experience at Woodloch. We had a 3-day meal plan, so we had breakfast, lunch and dinner during set windows of time. For example, breakfast was from 7:30am to 10:30am, lunch I believe was from 12:30-2:30pm and so forth. What we loved most was that we had the same dining table every single time, so it was a reserved table for every meal. We had the same waiter every time too. Patrick was amazing, so kind and friendly and best of all so understanding about Emme's allergy. And lastly, the food... there was so much variety and it was honestly so delicious. 

4. The accommodations. We stayed at one of the Edgewater Suites, which had a beautiful lake view. The suite itself was pretty standard, 1-bedroom with 2 queen beds and a pull out couch in the living area but the view from our balcony was EVERYTHING. These suites are located at Woodloch Pines with a walk indoor to the pool complex! It was perfect because we just had a short walk to the indoor pool complex, which was crazy good!  Woodloch also offers house rentals, the houses look stunning, there are different pricing options and accommodations depending on your budget. 

5. The pool. So this is not your mother's indoor pool... this is a full on indoor pool complex! The kids loved it! The pool complex has a large swimming pool with basketball hoops, jacuzzi, sauna and even a splash zone and slide! And of course there are kiddie pools for the little ones too. And these are just the indoor pools, there's so much fun outdoors too and we can't wait to go back in the summer to experience those too.

6. Endless Things to Do. When I tell you we did everything... we did everything. The resort has so many fun activities planned for the weekend and depending on holidays and seasons. I love that they are planned so well but not to the point where you feel overwhelmed. Here are some of the amenities the resort offers; mini golf, volleyball, bowling, play ground, boating, petting zoo, sports complex, bumper cars, go karts, archery, arts and craft rooms, indoor playground, wall climbing and so much more. Because we were there during October, we went to the Halloween Party and Trick or Treat too! 

We were able to enjoy a broadway-style show, a 90's show (which brought back so many good memories!) and even a magic show with the kids! 

Overall our stay was pretty perfect, before writing this post, I kept telling Dave, they are going to think I am bs'ing because I have zero complaints and everything was literally perfect.  But it truly was. The day we had to come back the kids were so bummed out and didn't even want to leave. One of my favorite memories was simply hanging out by the lake with the kids... the peddle boats were such a fun first-time experience for us too.  

We made so many sweet memories during our weekend at Woodloch and we can't wait to come back in the summer time! It truly felt like home. Thank you Woodloch for inviting us to stay with you for the weekend. We are counting the days until our next stay!