We have a brand new baby! Well a fur baby that is... and she is just precious! If you follow me on Instagram (and you should!) you know I announced our new baby a few days ago. I wanted to share her story because I think it's worth the read... because when things are meant to be, they just are.

On August 1st, exactly one year since Lola's passing, I posted a photo of her and I on IG to commemorate the day she left us and earned her puppy wings. She was such a big part of our family and was with us for 12 years. To my surprise, the very next morning, when I woke up I had a DM from one of my followers and I'll let you guys read it for yourselves: 
...when I read this, I teared. How incredible is it that we've built such an amazing loving community online... you guys are my online friends, I dislike the word "followers" and this instance proved that to me, tenfold. We adore dogs and Lola meant so much to our family and losing her last year was tough. Until this very day, Emme mentions her almost daily. She had conversations with me about how we are going to go "pick up Lola in Heaven" and how she's going to "come back"... I tried explaining to her in so many different ways that she will not come back but being 4 years old, I think death is hard to grasp. To be honest, it broke my heart every time Emme talked about Lola. We miss her so much, so this new puppy was definitely heaven sent straight to our home. I certainly believe in destiny and that things happen for a reason. We weren't planning on getting a puppy right now, but we had the conversation several times in the past weeks.

Dave and I discussed it for 2 days and we finally came to the conclusion that a new puppy would be perfect for our family. She was so well taken care of at her birth home and the family adores dogs just like us, all 7 puppies were treated like babies so we went to meet her a few days before making our final decision. When we saw her we fell in love and we knew she was it. Having a new dog is a big decision for any family and as dog lovers we wanted to make sure that we were ready. Our decision was highly influenced by how much the kids missed our beloved Lola and to be honest, I don't think we would get another opportunity at loving gifted puppy. We are eternally grateful to Lane & Adam for our sweet baby girl. Thank you for trusting me and my family with her, she's added joy to our home.

Sure, we are tired and the sleepless nights are not fun but we don't regret our decision at all. Emme barely plays with her toys and makes messes anymore because she doesn't want her puppy to choke on her tiny toys... and Ben used to run down to the living room to watch cartoons in the mornings, now he plays with the puppy for hours before remembering we even have a TV. She's just perfect!
So you might be wondering, after that poll on IG... what did we name her? Well we finally picked a name and it wasn't an easy choice... I really wanted a unisex name like Charlie & Frankie but the rest of the crew wasn't in agreement. So all four of us wrote our favorite names on a piece of paper then voted... the contenders were Bailey and Penelope. And finally we chose: PENELOPE SCOUT! We call her Penny and Penelope Scout when she does something she is not supposed to, lol!
Our 1st Family Photo with Penny!
Thank you guys for helping us choose a name, we are super happy with our choice! Cheers to new fur babies and awesome amazing people in the world!