Ok, so let's be honest, raise your hand if you love swimsuit shopping! [erika doesn't raise her hand] I mean it's just one of those things, simply not the most exciting thing in my life, I think we can all relate, right? If you can't, girl please tell me your secret! But as usual, we move on and try to make the best of it. So I got to searching for some inexpensive but cute swimsuits... on Amazon! Yes, Amazon. To be honest, I've heard great things. So I had to try for myself. I bought 3 sets and have worn one so far. I love that this one is a one piece but still has some major character to it. It's a fun one for sure. I love the stripes and the fit is amazing, even for smaller boobs types like mine! 

3 Things I Look For in a Swimsuit 

1. Comfort! Comfort is essential to me. If I am not comfortable, I feel insecure and feeling insecure in a swimsuit is not fun. Confidence is everything friends.

2. Nice Fit! We all have different bodies, so what works for you may not work for me. But I love to find swimsuits that accentuate my legs and booty. Gotta work with what I do like;)

3. Boob Style! So it's clear I am part of the itty-bitty-titty committee and that's a-ok... because when I am looking for the perfect swimsuit I always make sure my boobs feel good in whatever they are in! 

I bought 3 sets of swimsuits, one pictured here. The other two I bought are those trendy high waisted, high cut bikini sets. I got one in red and another in hot pink and I can't wait to wear them this weekend for my birthday, so stay tuned on my IG for pics of how those two look on. 
For now, here are the links to all three, read the reviews and look at the customer pics. I always read reviews on Amazon, it's so helpful. But the best part, if you don't like it, simply return, voila! Thank you Amazon Prime... you are the real MVP.

Happy shopping!