I didn't realize this would be such a popular topic request from you guys but I am more than happy to share where I buy my kids clothes because truly it's one of my favorite things to do. So we are traveling every month for the next 3 months and honestly one of my favorite things to do as we get ready for vacations with the kids is putting their outfits together. I have to be honest, I do have a much easier time buying things for Emme than I do for Ben, there is just endless amounts of options for little girls.

My one rule though, is that I don't splurge unless I know they are going to get a lot of use of a piece, think jeans, jackets, sneakers. For the most part, I shop super affordable stores and the full advantage of the mid year and of of year sales... hello Zara sales, besties for life!
Alright alright, let's get to the good stuff! So what are my top children's clothing stores? Here all the pros and cons in my experience.


Pros: I find H&M to have the best variety and quality of clothes for a super affordable price. I've been dressing my kids with H&M clothes since they were born. One of my favorite things to but there are  sweat pants and sweatshirts for both of the kids. I love the quality and wash after wash they don't shrink and last for a long time. Boys jeans are my weakness at H&M, I don't find any other store to have the fit that the boys jeans have here. I love that they are always up to date with the latest coolest styles and the shoes are to die for!

Cons: Depending on what location you shop in, you get different options, I have a preferred H&M I love but it's in a mall that I don't love so much lol but I make the trip just for that H&M. I also don't have too much luck shopping online, I find the website a little overwhelming, that can be just me though, so take that with a grain of salt. I honestly don't have too many valid cons for shopping at H&M.


Pros: They have super cute clothes for toddlers... I have to be honest I am finding it harder to shop there for Ben since he is a little older now but I am still really happy with the clothes for Emme's age. One thing I love about the girl's clothes at Old Navy is that they have #mommyandme sets... and I love that! Their shoes are also adorable and I always find them to last pretty long. Hello summer sandals for $5!

Cons: I love Old Navy but my tip is to shop online! I find that online always has the best sales as oppose to every time I visit the store, a lot of items cost more at the actual store and I rather save  few bucks. I literally just placed an order yesterday with 40% off my purchase (online only sale) and can't wait to get the package. Another thing I don't love is the jeans, I find them too wide or too baggy for my taste. Oh and big tip, Old Navy runs big, even for adults, so keep that in mind.


Pros: Zara has super fashionable pieces for both boys and girls and I can always find a cute outfit no matter what occasion I need it for. Zara kids' shoes are to die for, I literally want Emme's shoes in my size every single time. Yes, Zara can get expensive special for pieces that you are not going to get too much use from but I always take full advantage of the sales. I've purchased pieces for as low as $3.99 at Zara and the best pants for even $12.99 for Emme during this year's winter sale. So make sure you know when to shop!

Cons: Zara is expensive and the older your kid is the more you are paying for them jeans. My tip is to be smart about what you get at Zara. If it's a trendy piece more than likely  I am not getting it there but I have bought almost every single coat for Ben and Emme at Zara. They are great quality and have a variety of prices. So while it does get expensive you can always find something to fit your budget depending on when you shop.


Pros: I love that Target has a big variety of clothes for the kids and Cat & Jack is my favorite brand there, actually I love Art Class too. I find Art Class to have such cute pieces for super cheap. Over the weekend while prepping for this week's trip I got Emme dresses for $9.99 and $12.99 and I love them, amazing quality too! You truly can never go wrong with Target clothes for kids.

Cons: Ok, Target, I love thee for many reasons but it irks the ish out of me when I go online and you have the items listed on the website, I fall in love and it is not available anywhere! You get my hopes up and nothing, it's not available for shipping or pick up, so please remove unavailable items that are never coming back, please? Folks, may be the only con I have about Target and their kids' clothes.
Ben's tee: Deux par Deux Kids | Emme's jumpsuit: Stylin' Sophie Shop 

Besides the big retailers, I love shopping for the kids on little small business boutiques too! Most of them I've found on IG via other moms I follow on there. Some of them are Stylin' Sophie, DeuxParDeux and PepperKids.

Ok, gotta go eat dinner now... I am finishing this post up from a local kids indoor playground and the kids are nice and sweaty and they've released all their energy now, giving me enough time to finish this and post it for you guys! Remember, when there is a will, there's a way.

Have a sweet and blessed week!