One of the most asked questions I get is How Do I Start a Blog? And sister, the most straight and honest answer I can give you is... just START! One foot in front of the other and start. Listen, I don't believe there is a magic process on how to start blogging, I wholeheartedly believe that if you have a passion for something and you want to make time for it, then you do. Of course there are certain steps and I will share below but most importantly you have to want it and not for the "free" (it's not free we work our asses off for it!) things or the cool events but because you truly love it.
I have to be honest since we are here, I have noticed so many people want to be bloggers and that's awesome, because yes, it's great, there are amazing opportunities and being your own boss is yup, boss af... but if you are doing it for the insta-fame or the "free" stuff, don't do it at all. It does show and you will feel it too. You can't force something that is not there, find what you like, whatever that may be and blog about that. Don't go following trends just because they are cool right now. Do what you love and put all your effort and work into it and it will grow. But you have to be patient and you have to love it. 

But I know you are here for me to give you tips on how to hit that start button, so here are some things that I've learned over the years that I think will help you leap in to this fun world of blogging, ready? Here ya go. 

1. Pick a name! My advice is to go with something general and not narrow yourself down to a specific topic - only because you never know where life may take you. You may start off with fashion but then move on to travel or mommy hood... I say this from experience. I mean, you can always change the name (like I did!) but just a little suggestion:) 

2. Invest in your domain! It looks nicer and much more professional, you can buy your domain for a low annual price at places like godaddy.com. Now that you have your domain purchase, pick a blog host! There are so many hosts now a days, I still use Blogger but eventually do want to migrate to WordPress or SquareSpace, I've heard great things about both. 

3. Register an email! You can use gmail, that's totally ok! I still have mine with gmail and it's perfectly fine;) Or you can buy the email to match your website name on GoDaddy when you purchase the domain. Remember to keep all your contact information cohesive so that it's easy to find you and your business cards look nice and neat.

4. And yup, you know it, get an Instagram account! Again try for it to be cohesive to your blog name and email. Big Tip: Before you buy your domain, check to see if your preferred IG name is available;) trust me, it's happened to me! This blog was supposed to be called just "erikabatista.com" but someone on IG had @erikabatista so I had to settle for @byerikabatista - close enough! Big Tip: Make sure you have your IG profile in order, nothing worse than a profile that doesn't tell me what this account is about and write out your email address on there too! How else are people going to contact you? 

5. Write! Once you have all of these accounts in order, you are going to want to write out the type of content you want to create. Write out at least 3 posts before you announce and launch. You want to have content to show what your blog will be about. Think of what you would want to see on someone's blog. Most importantly when you write... be YOU. Just because everyone is writing about NYFW or Festivals doesn't mean you have to also, unless of course you truly love and enjoy the two, have attended in the past or will attend. Be authentic and organic. 

6. Spell check and review before posting! Trust me, I've been there and there might be typos on this post too but I am here to remind you please triple check your posts. Make sure your sentences make sense. Write out an intro, body and conclusion, lol - I read so many blogs that don't even have an exit sentence. Focus;) 

7. Be consistent! The only way to grow is to consistently create content, here and on IG and YouTube. I know that growth can be slow but trust the process, if you work your ass off, you will get work. Produce and create quality content and photos. Create and write with intent. When you are in a rut, take a moment to regroup. Listen to podcasts, read inspirational books and pray, if this is what you really love, pray that you find your way. Do whatever it takes if you feel in your heart this is what you want to do. I am this dramatic because this is a difficult business, it gets rough and it does get slow but once you hit your mark, things start to happen quickly. You'll get there. 

8. Please your audience! The people who follow you or will follow you, follow you for a reason. They are your audience and they love you, support you and trust you. Create content that you love. Ask your audience what they want to see, create the content that aligns with your life. I ask you guys all the time on IG what you guys want to see on YT and on here. This exact post is a suggestion I got last week for topics to write about and here I am:) I listen to my peeps! 

9. Don't compare! We have all been there but don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle! (Thank you Rachel Hollis for that). I've done it and all it does is make me feel like shit. I have to remind myself that everyone started at 0 and that even if the numbers are slow some days, I have an audience that is loyal and truly enjoys my work and have come to appreciate my kids and my life... and that is truly priceless. Find your purpose. We all have one. 

10. Have fun with it!  What's the point of doing anything if you are not having fun. Sure there are days when I can't seem to think on how to even begin to write a post or even an IG caption, so I stop, take a break and focus again. I love what I do, it has brought me amazing one-in-a-lifetime opportunities I don't take for granted. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Is it fun? Yup, it truly is but you have to do it for the love and passion. There's nothing like connecting with people all around the world that can relate to my wins, my struggles, this mom life, my love for fashion and even my anxiety. I wouldn't trade this for the world.

In case you missed my other tips search "blogging tips" at the top right corner of the main page:) All about what apps I use to edit my photoshow to reach out to brandsways to invest in your blog and my Instagram tips and tricks. Now go ahead and kick some butt... ready? set, bloom!

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