Guys, I am obsessed with the bobby pin trend. I am so happy it's back and I love how creative you can get, how simple it is and how it elevates your hairstyle to a whole other level. So I ran to my local Target last week and purchased a pack of Scunci bobby pins. I got the pack that brings gold and bronze and for this look I used the gold ones. For this particular idea I was inspired by Desi Perkins hairstyle which she posted on IG stories about a week or so ago, so I did what I do best, screenshot and dave it for the next occasion;)

So how do we achieve this look? That's the best part because it's so easy, took me less than 10 mins!

1. First, I curled my hair for this look but it also looks super cool with pin straight hair.
2. Brush it out and part your hair down the middle.
3. Use hair spray for those baby hairs and fly aways.
4. With a comb brush down the side you are going to be placing the bobby pins on.
5. Get creative or inspired! I chose to place them in Xs like Desi did but there are a zillion ideas on Pinterest that I am loving.
6. Spray your favorite hairspray to seal the deal and voila! Don't forget to take a pic and posted in on IG!
Here are some of my favorite looks straight from Pinterest, follow me for more and on the bottom you can see the products I used.

If you guys want to see a video on this super simple hair do, please let me know I'd be happy to share! Enjoy your weekend and tag me on IG @byerikabatista, if you are inspired by this post.