So winter is still here, which is honestly driving me crazy and also has my mind all over Expedia looking at the best hotels and vacation packages. Which brings me to this point... planning our trips for the year. You guys know we love taking little road trips with the kids (and alone!). This year we have a couple planned and a couple not set in stone but I figured I would share where we plan to go and why we love road trips to maaaaybe inspire you to take some of your own!

I love traveling with the kids and sometimes flying just gets too expensive. So road trips are a great way to travel without the big expense. And as a mom of 2 little ones, I love to make these memories for the kids and get them used to traveling in all different ways.

So where are we going? 


We are driving down to Washington, DC next month for Ben's spring break and I am so excited. We are staying 2 nights and I can't wait. We've actually never been and only hear it's so nice to go during the spring and especially during Cherry Blossom Festival! The kids are excited... fun fact Emme is obsessed with hotel living and actually asks to go to a "ho-n-tel" weekly. True story. Here is what's on our list of Things To Do In DC:

- The White House of course, even though I wish Barack was still the one living there!
- Lincoln Memorial
- Washington Monument
- National Museum of Natural History
- Smithsonian’s National Zoo
- Air and Space Museum

I don't like to pack too many things into our day, anytime we travel I love to go sightseeing but also enjoy our moments and not feel so rushed. This is all we have for now and I like it. We are getting there on a Sunday and coming back on Tuesday so this should be just fine.

I've heard Cape May is so beautiful and being from New Jersey it's a teensy embarrassing to say I've never been. So this year I hope to be able to check this one off our bucket list. Here is the thing the hotels are hella expensive, I am talking about $400-$500 a night in the summer. So that's the one thing stopping us right now. But I figured maybe if we can rent a little house instead, it might work out better. There are 2 hotels that I would love to stay in, Congress Hall and The Virginia or ICONA. Those 3 look so amazing but again so expensive! It's much cheaper to go during off season but truthfully I want to go when it's hot and sunny and we can enjoy the beach.

Besides all the logistics, Cape May looks so beautiful and definitely a place I'd love to visit with Dave and the kids. Here is what I would love to do when we visit:

- Walk around and sight see, I love all the antique bed and breakfasts and how quaint the town is.
- The beach + Morey's Pier
- Cape May Lighthouse
- Ride on the trolley
- Washington Street Mall

Pray for me, that I can make this happen because it didn't happen last year and this year I am determined. Let's see if we cross this one off the road trip bucket list!

I think it's quite clear we love the beach! We are that family, beach and summer over anything. Maybe we need to expand our palate haha but for now we are planning to enjoy all the bits we haven't traveled to yet and make the best memories with our little family. Ocean City is a little less than 4 hours from our house by car, so I think it would be a fun experience with the kids. There is a Hilton beach side hotel there that looks wonderful... but about $600 a night in the summer. What is it with these hotels? I shall keep you posted on where we stay and when we go.

Here are some things I would love to do when we visit:

- Fishing
- Beach
- Jolly Roger Amusement Park
- Ocean City Boardwalk

As always I would love your suggestions if you've been to any of these 3 destinations. We would love all the advice we can get on where to go. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it gets you motivated to plan a fun road trip with the kids (or without!). Nos vemos por Instagram!