I love any reason to celebrate love! But what to do on Valentine's Day with the kids? Good question! We have always celebrate February 14, why not? you know... As a mom to 2 little ones, I believe it's
important to show love in many ways, every chance we can. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with children.

1. Get them a card! Home Goods always has the cutest cards for the holidays, I picked up the kids
Valentine's Day cards a few weeks back and at just $1.99 you can't go wrong!

2. We love to teach the kids to show love with little details of love and affection. A little surprise gift is such a sweet way to instill thoughtfulness in children, so they grow up to be romantic, thoughtful, sweet and kind individuals. It can absolutely be something small, in fact, I encourage small inexpensive gifts, it's not about the value, but about the thought. For example, I just picked up the cutest LOL Surprise watch for Emme at Target for just $7.99. For Ben, I am going to get him a couple Pokemon card packages (he collects them!) and they will be so happy! Both gifts under $20!

3. Encourage a note of affection and explain that love should be celebrated every day but this is a fun holiday to share bonus love. I love to educate my kids about everything and LOVE is number one Have them write out cards for mom and dad as their gift to you. Handwritten notes and kids drawings are my favorite. You can even make it a craft night! 

4. Order take out but make it cute! Last year, we ordered food from Noches de Colombian and I set up the table super cute with V-day napkins, plates and cute flutes! I invited my mom, tia and grandma over and we had such a nice Valentine's day dinner on a random Wednesday. It was super sweet! And the kids love having our family over. It doesn't have to be only about couples! We are all loved and I prefer to teach to spread that around like confetti!

5. It's ok if you can't do something special on February 14, maybe work, or you are out of town... and maybe you are a single mom or dad and can't do it all that day. Make the holiday your own. This year we actually have a work event so Dave and I will not be spending the evening with the kids. But that's ok! We will be sure to do a little something with them the following day. No mom guilt here! We all do what we can and that's perfectly ok!
I know how hard mommin' can be, don't be so hard on yourself... you are doing great! I promise. And if you can't do all of these, get the card and their favorite candy and voila! You are always going to be the BEST MOM (or DAD) ever in their eyes! I hope these 5 tips are a little helpful. Stay tuned, I have a super fun date night idea coming up that I can't wait to share. Xo