I love #VDay but the truth is that it doesn't have to be Valentine's Day for you to show love and affection to the ones you love most. This is a lesson I teach my kids often and honestly, they are so amazing at being thoughtful and sweet. I love to think that they get it from their mom and dad, of course. As natural as being thoughtful comes to me, the truth is, it doesn't come natural to everyone, so I am here to share 4 simple ways you can show love any day of the year. 
Remember it doesn't have to your spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend. It can be your friend, brother/sister, your mom or even your abuela. The best recipe to a happy life is to spread kindness and love everywhere you go, because it comes back tenfold. So ready? Here are 4 sweet ideas: 

1. Flowers! Supermarket flowers work just fine and are usually under $10! Remember is about showing that you were thinking about the person and making them feel loved. Dave is amazing at this and now my kids have taken after him. Both of the kids request he gets me flowers every time they go to our local supermarket. And I am one happy wife and mama!

2. Chocolates! Who doesn't love chocolates? Whether you are surprising them by sending their favorite box of chocolates from Simply Chocolate or simply picking up their favorite candy bar at the store, chocolate is the way to one's heart. 

Simply Chocolate has a delicious variety of quality chocolates in every price range (from $20-$300). One of my favorites are the baskets which come with individual chocolate boxes to last all month long. For me, I love a little treat after a long day on the computer or a crazy day with the kids. I'll take chocolate and wine any day of the week. It's the gift that keeps on giving and perfect for all year round. This Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection 32 Pc Box is to die... it's infused with spices, nuts, roots, herbs, barks and tonics from around the world with super premium proprietary chocolate.

3. A handwritten note! Romantic, sweet and super easy... I've gone as far (and cheesy!) as to mailing Dave notes to work {insert monkey emoji covering eyes here} but he loved it and I love surprising him. It's all about the little things, you guys! That cost me a stamp. 

I remember when I was a little girl my mom used to leave little notes for me in the morning or surprise hand written letters whenever she had to travel, I still have them and cherish them so much. See, it's true that your kids learn everything from you...  I learned it from her and now my hubby and kids take after those sweet thoughts my mom instilled in me too - priceless! 

4. Pick up their favorite treat! My mom loves dried fruit and trail mix, so whenever I am at the store, I love to pick it up for her... it shows a little love and reminds her I am always thinking about her and honestly it's often on a random Wednesday. I think thoughtful little gestures are best when least expected. 
I hope this post inspired you to show kindness and love to someone. Send a delicious box of chocolates from Simply Chocolate and make their day! If they are anything like me... they'll love you harder for being so thoughtful. Remember kindness is free... spread it like confetti! Xo.
This post is sponsored by Simply Chocolate. As always, all opinions are my own.