First things first, honestly... I love the leopard print trend but I don't owe more than just accessories with the print. It intimidates me a little bit! So I was super excited to get this leopard slip dress and add cool pieces to style it and create a nice fresh look. Geri and I got together and wanted to share the same exact outfit and how it would look with two completely different pairs of shoes. We put this together literally the night before the shoot and I am so happy with the outcome, it's easily the best OOTD we've created to date. 

Here are 3 tips when styling animal print if it's not in your comfort zone:

1. Make sure the fit of the dress is comfortable. Nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable, it will show! 

2. Add fun but solid pieces (like a blazer or motto jacket) to make this outfit versatile. Remember you already have the print on the dress so you want to stay away from more prints in this case.

3. Be you! Wear the shoes that make you feel like you! Sneakers, booties or strappy sandals - what matters most is how YOU feel in the clothes. Confidence is the sexiest "thing" you can wear. 
When styling this look we went with this super sexy leopard slip dress and added this blazer. The dress alone is super sexy and great for a night out but the way we styled can really be worn during the day too. I knew I wanted to cinch the dress with my go-to Express belt that I love and use so much - it's such a cool resemblance to the famous Gucci belt. 

So we went ahead and styled added my Nike Huarache Sneakers (in sand), then my Celine sunnies and Gucci bag for a cool busy-girl-on-the-go look. I love love love this entire outfit because it was so comfortable and still a little sexy and yet super versatile for all year round. 

It was super easy to go from day to night by simply adding some fun patent leather booties. To add more fun, put on some lipstick and let your hair down like I did here. Fashion is all about having fun anyway and making the look your own. Can't wait to wear this on a date night with my babe or even to lunch with my gals. However you wear it, have fun with it! 

ps: I've linked all the pieces below. Have a great week amigas!
Blazer by Vici Dolls | Dress by Vici Dolls | Sneakers by Nike | Patent Leather Booties by Aldo 
Bag by Gucci | Belt by Express | Sunnies by Celine