In the passed few weeks, I've been feeling different as a whole. I am still trying to figure out what this "different" means and exactly where I am in life at 34. Whatever it is, the moon, the stars aligning, a new phase for me or simply a "me" who just wants to be surrounded by people that make her completely happy... I like it. And by liking it doesn't mean that it's easy. In fact, it's has't been easy at all. It's almost as if I've completely shed my skin and I'm becoming a new me. I can't explain it very well yet but I know it's the universe speaking to me.
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So I decided to speak back. I am speaking my desires, my dreams and my goals into the universe and I am speaking them out loud. And I know in my heart I will achieve everything I set out to, because that's the first step, BELIEVE. You are what you say you are. Good and bad, remember that. I want to share with you how I'm manifesting my soul's desires into my life. Here are some ways you also can manifest whatever your soul is searching for:

1. Meditate. There is nothing more gratifying than sitting peacefully alone with your soul. I have an app called Simple Habit that I love. And I follow @calm on IG - they always post such positive messages, you should check it out. 

2. Affirmations Are Your Best Friend. Literally say what you want to be; I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am happy. That's my morning affirmation and I say it every single day. The more you feed your mind and soul with positive vibes, the more you are training your spirit to attract only the best the universe has to offer. 

3. Vision Boards. It doesn't have to be end of December or January 1st for you to create a vision board. You can do it now. Why wait? You can see how I make mine HERE. They work 100%, I've seen my boards become a reality for years now. But you have to believe deep inside that you are worthy and you are capable. But mostly work your ass off to achieve it. 

4. Pray. Life is tough. Somehow it's become human nature to think life is greener on the other side or that what other people have is what you need in your life. Or that material things and money are equal to happiness. Whenever I feel any of these sentiments, I pray. But I pray to God and thank Him for what I do have and I pray for guidance and focus on my life, not anyone else's. God has yet to disappoint me. 

5. Live Without Expectations. I should take my own advice on this one. This is a hard one for me. It's actually the one thing on this list that is a work in progress for me. But I want to be better and I want to live life without expecting anything from anyone, I know this will only bring goodness to me. I think that's how you find true happiness. I'm naturally a giver, but I always fail at not expecting the same love and attention in return. I am a work in progress, my friends. 

6. Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Feel Good. This is my latest habit. I want to only be around people who show me genuine love, lift me up and make me feel happy. There is no need to be around people that make you feel shitty or that never cheer you on and celebrate your happiness and your wins. Learn how to differentiate who is truly happy for you. Your circle will become small, maybe you will feel lonely but never allow yourself to be around anyone who makes you feel unhappy or not good about yourself. 
I hope these 6 tips help you in your life. And that even if one of these stick with you that they make a difference in the person that you want to be and in the goals that you want to achieve. Sending you all the love and light to end 2018 in a positive and happy way and begin the coming year better than ever.