So, if you are a blogger you are probably wondering "where should I shoot my pics?", especially because winter is coming! Don't you worry friend, I got you! If you've been following me for a while then you know that my husband used to take all my photos for a long long time. Up until recently I hired Geri from – and I’ve never looked back. I love her and you should check her out. 
For today’s post I wanted to share a few locations that I love shooting at in or around New Jersey. For me, I like to find places near where I live so that it’s just easy for me to get to. My recommendation is to look for cool walls, doors, colors and cute restaurants and coffee shops. I always ask for permission to shoot if we are doing so indoors, so just be sure to be courteous. I’ve never been asked to leave anywhere but I do hear that some people have. We shot these pictures a few weeks ago and we happened to find this cool cab right on the train station parking lot. So you know we had to take pics! We shot pics in the train station as well as the lot. These are some of those pics. For now, here are 3 of my favorite New Jersey towns to shoot pics in. 
 Sunnies: here | Dress: here | Boots: similar here | Jacket: similar here

Metuchen, NJ 

I love this little downtown because it’s charming, small and offers a variety of scenes especially if you shoot street style content. I’ve done pictures in several of Main Street shop fronts and even indoor some of their coffee shops. If you are in central NJ I recommend you check it out not only for blogger photos but for a fun day or evening, they also have some really fun events catered to families and really delicious restaurants. 

Montclair, NJ 

This town is a little further from my house but it’s totally worth the 35-40 minute drive. I love it. It actually has some greeeat restaurants – hello Cuban Pete’s! And my favorite is the cobble stones on Church Street. I’ve shot on the entrance hall to Cuban Pete’s as well and we have some fun pics there. I love the colors and how picturesque that little walkway is. You can truly spend a whole afternoon there. So many cute doors, walkways and coffee shops. 

Hoboken, NJ 

If you are from New Jersey, you know Hoboken has some amazing spots. You can find cool bars, amazing restaurants and the skyline of the city from River Street and Sinatra Drive is everything. What I like most about Hoboken for blogger pics is that you can go all year round and all year round is visually appealing. You can literally spend a whole day here, trust me, I have. From Charritos to One Republic and Sunny Side, you can eat your way through this charming little town. Best part? You are a short 10-minute train ride from NYC. 

I hope you enjoyed this little blogger tips post. I know for me things like this are always helpful and inspiring. If you are stuck in a rut, look around you and get your creative juices back and flowing. Remember, we all have our days! Have a great week boss babes!