Being a Latina, gives me great pride and joy, and I am sure you’ve noticed. October has been a really important month for me, whether I am talking about Breast Cancer Awareness, sharing my story. Or I am speaking about Hispanic Heritage Month and what it means to me. Or voting and why it’s so important to get your voices out, loud and proud. It doesn’t matter who you are voting this November 6th, as long as you vote, show up and vote.

You know I love using my platforms to share fashion ideas, beauty tips, home decor and motherhood, of course, but I’ve always been very vocal about sharing my pride in being Latina, social and political issues and doing good for our communities. I think it’s important to share our opinions while respecting one another. Which is why I wanted to write this post and urge you to make sure that you vote! 

We can’t complain about issues we don’t agree with if we are not doing anything to change them. Do you know how many times I’ve been in a room full of people, yet just one of a few Latinas? Many times, especially in this industry. But guess what? I show up. And we all need to be showing up to the events, the campaigns, the rallies and the polls! If you want to see change, start changing… so many people have this “1 vote doesn’t make a difference” attitude but that’s so far from the truth. Think about it for a second, if 100,000 people think the same way and don’t vote because of that reason, then we are down 100,000 votes. 
Let’s be the leaders and let’s show up! Not just to vote but to the events, to the school meetings, to the boards, to the panels. I know a lot of these things can be intimidating, trust me, I’ve been there. But you can’t let fear dictate our legacies and our lives, as women and as Latinas. We have to pave the way for our daughters and granddaughters… as an Ecuadorian-American woman, I am very proud of every single step my mother took to give me the life I get to live today but there is so much more that I’d love to do and guess what? I am building that for myself and my family, brick by brick. How? I always ask for what I want… whether it’s a pitch, email address, favor from someone, even a promotion😉 what’s the worst that can happen? You get a no. And that’s ok at least you tried and then you move on to the next person. Someone has to say yes and a door has to open, if it doesn’t, you build a window. 
This is how we become leaders and how we teach our children to speak up, show up, stand for what they believe in and to always VOTE. Not just during a presidential election, but vote in the classroom, at work, vote during family gatherings… simply speak up.

So I urge you to visit and pledge that you will vote on November 6th then share it on your Instagram, spreading the word will 100% get more voters out there but we have to be the example, the leaders, so help me along the way.

I have this platform and I want to use it for things that matter, today, I use it to get you to vote in the upcoming elections. I am positive that my influence can help change the world, I believe that wholeheartedly. If I can influence you to buy my favorite shoes, lunch bag and moisturizer, I hope I can influence you to vote (and spread the word) for the most important elections of our children’s lives.