This past weekend we celebrated Ben's 7th birthday and it was everything I envisioned and then some. Earlier this year Ben had mentioned he wanted a laser tag party and he's such a good and kind boy that I wanted to give him just that because he deserves it. So I Google'd "laser tag parties" and found Kidoolo Play Club, a super cool spot in Springfield, NJ. Whenever I like places for my kids' parties I, of course, visit the spot and decide then. Well as soon as I walked in to Kidoolo I was convinced. I love how clean and pleasing to the eye the space is and how welcoming Trish was. 
After touring the space and talking about details, we booked a laser tag and video game package. When I tell you this was the least stressful party of my 7 years of mom life, I am not exaggerating. All I was asked to bring on the day of the party was the cake. But of course, being the detailed oriented person I am, I did bring in a couple of little decor items to spruce things up a little. If you are looking for a cool laser tag place to host your next kids party, check out Kidoolo, tell them I sent you;) 

We decided to do an all boys party and invited Ben's closest school friends a 3 cousins. They had the BEST time. They started off with 30 minutes of video games followed by 3 games of laser tag. Ben was in heaven and the party assistant made life so easy for me. She was wonderful, so nice and patient with all the boys. 

Here are some pics from the day of the party. The laser tag room is modeled after Manhattan which I thought was so cool. I booked the Golden Package which included pizzas, juices and favors for each kid. I brought Ben's favorite chocolate cake from Wegman's and the party went on without a hitch. I even had 2 moms inquire about booking their next parties there. Everyone thought the space was super cool and honestly, I felt like Mom of the Year that day... oh the little things in life. 

How cool is this dinosaur birthday cake topper? It's acrylic and I got it at Etsy! Thank God for Etsy! 
ps: this is Ben's third dinosaur birthday party lol

I purchased these Jurassic World PDF tags from Etsy (printed at home) and added them to the favor bags which were included in my party package. Each child received a hatching dinosaur and giant rainbow lollipop in the bag. 
(I got Ben's Jurassic World t-shirt at Target and mine at Forever 21.)

I can't believe my baby boy is 7! He is such an amazing kid, honestly and I am so happy to be able to celebrate 7 years of a healthy life for him. He didn't stop thanking me for his party this weekend and as he says to me every year... "This was the best party ever!". He always makes me feel like the best mom! Emme on the other hand was a little jealous this year... she kept asking about her "baby dinosaur party"... we have a good 4 months to start planning hers! Where will we celebrate her big 4? I don't know but I'm sure it'll be a cute spot perfect for her age as well. 

For more information on how you can book a laser tag and/or video game party,  check out Kidoolo's website and all their amazing party packages here