This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S®. As always, all opinions are my own.
Throughout the last 7 years I've shared many real-life mommy moments with you all. This blog was born at around the same time my son Benjamin was born, he will be seven in just 3 short weeks. And as you may expect my emotions are a mix of bittersweet pride but mostly pure joy. In fact, becoming a brand new mom was the reason I launched this digital journal. I remember wanting to have my own "thing" even after becoming a mom as a way to still be me... not just "Ben's Mom".

The day I had Ben, August 8, 2011, was the day I knew I would always be honest with those around me not to just share my happiness, but I wanted to also talk about my struggles as a new mom. Being a first time mom is like getting on the wildest rollercoaster. The emotions are overflowing and honestly you don’t know if to laugh or cry. True story. Which is why I have always been so honest about what it’s like to be a mom for me. I’ve shared my worries, our potty training journeys, my favorite baby products and even my miscarriage, among a number of other topics about this crazy-wild-yet-fabulous mom life.
For this post I’ve partnered with the all new JOHNSON’S®. As you all know, I’ve been a part of the JOHNSON’S® family for over 3 years now and I am happy to be part of this new chapter in their life, as much as they’ve been a part of my children’s lives. The entire JOHNSON’S® line has been redesigned inside and out - I am obsessed with their new packaging, not only because it’s super cute (love the teardrop bottles) but they also have a pump! I love that they’ve improved not just the outside of the bottles but also the inside. All the washes, lotions and haircare products have reduced the number of ingredients by more than 50%, including removing sulfates and dyes. 

The brand new JOHNSON’S® has made five promises, one for each finger of our little one’s hands. Here are their five promises to parents:

1. Only use purposeful ingredients 
2. Never stop raising the bar
3. Be open and honest
4. Think like a parent first
5. Help make the world a gentler place

Of those promises, being open and honest stuck with me because I can totally relate. It reminds me of one of my own stories in motherhood, the highs and the lows. I remember when Emme was a baby, I seriously thought she would be in our bed forever... she was the worse sleeper of the two. We had the worst few months; sleepless and cranky. My husband and I couldn't stand each other and honestly it was probably the worst time in our marriage - who's been there? What the stress child #2 brings along is something not a lot of people talk about. 

I remember talking to my friend K one day and telling her about how we weren't doing so well and she told me that she and her hubby went through the same thing when they had their second and had just purchased their new home. We had just bought the house around the same time and that alone was stressful, add a bad sleeper and you have a recipe for a marriage nightmare! But when K shared her story with me, I felt like I wasn't alone and I loved that she was so honest and open with me. As women and mothers it's always nice to feel like we are not alone in our struggles, like we can relate. I always say that being relatable has been the key ingredient to my success as a blogger. For me, it has always been very important to share my own struggles with you guys, because I know how it is to feel like you are the only one going through that hurdle. When in fact, we are all losing our sh*t, some just hide it better than others. And amigos, that is a fact! 

Of course things got better over time - how you ask? Well we got Ben a full size bed (why didn't I think of this before?!) and since then they sleep together. Emme just didn't like sleeping alone so putting her in Ben's room has been a life saver and truthfully I love that they sleep together. I think it's so sweet... I know there will be a day when they no longer will but for now we all enjoy it and cherish the moment.
Has there been a time when you felt a sense of relief by sharing your struggle as a parent? I truly think it happens more than we realize. We should all empower each other to share more struggles and not just highlight reels... especially us moms.