Hiiiii you guys! Ugh, I know it's been so long since I last came on here but I have to be completely honest... when I took the part-time back in January I swore I would still be able to be super present ad continue the blog just like before my part time. Clearly, life had other plans and while I miss writing here and you guys I also am very happy with how the past few months have played out. Sometimes we plan things a certain way and life shows you what works best for you in that moment.

I realize I never gave you an update on what I do part time. It's a long story of how amazing the universe is and how awesome vision boards and manifestations come about. Basically this part time job was made for me... it was always in the cards. Would you believe me if I told you this moment I am living was most likely written over 10 years ago? True story. God is so good. 

Life has gone full circle for me. In short, my old boss called me back in September to help him for "just a few weeks" while he looked for an assistant because his current one (then) had just given him her 2 weeks notice. They own a real estate developing company and we have always had a great relationship. This wasn't the first time I came back to help for a few weeks... so I happily said YES. But this time it was different. Life got really crazy because the same week I started the part-time, Ben started public school for the first time. New school, new town, new teachers, NEW JOB! So my life was upside down for a few weeks. Thank God my mom had retired just 4 months earlier. She babysat Emme! 

But coming from being a full time blogger, where I literally made my own schedule every single day and I did as I pleased, came and went whenever I wanted, having a set schedule was a long lived  adjustment for me. But the biggest adjustment of them all was actually the contrast in environments... where I was surround by mostly men, business men. From being a feminist, vocal fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger! But God always shows you that he has a bigger plan, you just have to trust. The deal was I could only work 9:30 to 1:30 and had my own blog/business at home. I wouldn't compromise dropping Ben off at school in the morning at 9 and I wanted to be able to pick him up too. Those were my conditions and he accepted since it was just a temp position while he found someone. My perfect part time, I put this on my vision board and so many times, I had told Dave "if I could only find a part time 9-1, close to the house it would be perfect"... but it wasn't permanent but I rolled with the punches.

Instead of a "few weeks" my temp position turned into a 3-month job but I was happy. My boss finally found the perfect assistant - and as much as I missed the full time blogging  life I was a little bummed to know the steady paycheck, 4-hour part time where I got to leave the house and get dressed up daily, was coming to an end. But I didn't fret, I had a plan... I made my vision board. I knew I would be on the right path. 

Toward the end of my of the year in December, my then boss called me in and tells me their partner company (in the same building) wanted to know if I was interested in a part-time Marketing position assisting the VP of the company!!! That day I literally sat in my car and cried. It was joy... I honestly couldn't believe it. I saw my visions and my manifestations come to life right in front of me, so fast. So they accepted my 9:30 to 1:30 schedule. They are an amazing company who understands work/life/family balance. But the craziest thing? I have a Marketing/Advertising degree, which I had never used before because I fell into a good paying accounting position 10+ years ago - for my former boss who called me to help him temporarily for "just a few weeks". How crazy is life? I get chills writing this... full circle guys, life went full circle. 

I know God had this planned all along which is why I am so grateful every single day. The moral of the story? Believe in your affirmations and know you've already won. Whatever is meant for you, no one can take. Vision boards are more powerful than you think but it takes a driven mind to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Ask my husband, when I want something, I do NOT stop until I get it. But if you think that all you have to do is print and cut out pictures of your dreams and goals, you are strongly mistaken. You have to be a good human, good worker and leave footprints where ever you go. I truly believe that my work ethic, heart and morals got me this position. You have to be confident in your craft, you have to believe the dream is already yours and that you can truly achieve anything you want to do. 

So this is why my life has changed in the past 6 months. But it's all good reasons. I would love to manage my time better and I am getting there. The blog is not going anywhere, I've built this. My priority career wise is always the blog. I've just taken a little time to adjust and it feels good. I can never stay still, multi tasking and having multiple jobs and responsibilities fuels me. It's now 1:11 in the morning... not too unusual for me these passed months. Tired but f$cking happy... Proving to myself that balance is the key.