You guys, I've been teasing little sneak peeks of my laundry room closet on IG and how I took it from a hot mess to a neat Pinterest-worthy laundry room closet. I mean sharing the before photos is pretty painful, honestly. But someone's gotta do the dirty work! It's a little embarrassing but all in the name of shock and awe lol! I present to you the before and after:
Don't judge me! This room was the lowest priority but always in the back of my mind. So when The Container Store asked me to work with them this season, I immediately said YES! Perfect timing, spring cleaning is my favorite type of cleaning;) You guys know I've been organizing my entire life the past two months, so this collab seemed pretty fitting. The Container Store (TCS) has everything you need to get your spring cleaning going this season... and stay organized for the rest of the year. 
 I ordered these labels from my friend who makes great labels for any occasion over at Adavan Designs. She can customize anything and everything.  So when I was putting together the last little details, I had her  make these custom labels for me to use right on the TCS tags. And I love how they came out. If you are looking for anything custom or personalized , check her out HERE.
Gray Hampers: Linen Poppin Hamper on sale! 
Top Woven Baskets: Stripe Woven Bin
Metal Baskets: Taupe Stacking Wire Bins
Large Towel Baskets: Ashcraft Storage Bin with Handles
Clear Craft Boxes: Our Shoe Box 
Black Large Tags: Black Bin Clip Labels

First things first, I was super excited when a TCS Expert was on board to help me decide what I would need because truthfully I didn't know where to begin. I sent her those embarrassing before pics with the ooonly apology email [insert monkey covering eyes emoji here] for such a hot mess of a closet. She was super sweet and helpful, we jumped on a call and I explained my vision, she looked at our disastrous room and she was then able to recommend certain items that would bet fit our needs. Having a TCS expert was such a weight off my shoulders, she emailed me a list of what she thought was ideal and everything she told me to get I ordered! 

So here's the thing, we keep all our towels, kids' crafts and all kitchen/dining textiles in the laundry room closet (our laundry room is on the first floor so is great!) and I knew I wanted to be sure to make everything not just neat but also easy to reach and see. I had so much crap that we weren't using
which I packed into 2 bags full of linens to get rid of. And that's when the fun began! I love organizing and the TCS baskets fit perfectly on my shelves. I made sure to measure everything before ordering so that it fir property and efficiently. If you are going to organize your laundry room (or any other room in the house) make sure you measure everything.
Here are some tips on how to organize a closet, which worked for me in our laundry room... 

One great way to keep everything organized is to label all your baskets! I ordered 2 types of tags from TCS according to the size of the basket. This helps with not just being organized when putting your linens away or looking for something but also it makes for such a nice look in there room. I love how the labels look all together. 

Instead of folding the towels and stacking them horizontally, I decided to roll them (see pics) this is way easier to grab and go and I am all about making life easier every second of the day. You moms feel me right? The bonus? It looks so much better and chic! 

I got clear shoe boxes for the kids' craft items; from their paint to crayons and markers, to glue and small crafts, these boxes are perfect because they not only cost very little but also they are the perfect size for their small toys and crafting items. I love that they are clear so it's easy to see what's in it too. It's truly making this mom's life so much easier these days... yup, #firstworldproblems. 

Lastly, I covered the old floor with a gorgeous area rug... this was a great alternative to replacing the floors which can cost a lot of money. Originally the idea was to give this room a complete makeover but we soon realized it was going to cost us more than we wanted to spend right now. So that will be a project for another time. Regardless, our laundry room looks like a completely different room right now. I love how the rug gives even the laundry room a cozy yet stylish vibe.
Dave and I truly had so much fun working on this project and we hope it helps you with ideas on how to organize your life this #SpringCleaning season. Thank you to The Container Store for helping us check this baby off our long and ongoing "projects list"! The relief is real you guys...
This post is a collaboration with The Container Store. As always, all opinions are my own.
  1. OBSESSED! The after looks super organized. Loveeee TCS and this shows perfectly how they can help get your life together lol I'll be making a trip there soon.

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