So before sharing anything with you babes, I always make sure that I use it for at least a couple of weeks. For today's BEAUTY post, I am sharing my latest and greatest DIY facial scrub and mask creation. I can't take all the credit though, this was my mama's recipe yearssss ago. I have to credit my mother for my good skin, she has amazing skin but also, she always always was on top of me to take care of my face and remove my makeup... do weekly masks, etc. 

Yesterday I shared that I've been using a super easy and inexpensive face scrub and mask and I promised to give you guys all the details. So without further a-due.... 

Yes baby girl, that's it! In a small bowl mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of honey and about 4 drops of water. You need the water to liquify the mix a little bit. Once you mix these 3 ingredients and you have a  good thick substance, apply it as a mask and leave on for 15 minutes. 

15 minutes later... as you are washing your face, scrub off the dead skin cells by massaging circular motions and rinsing off the mask. I do use this mix 3 times a week as a mask and use it daily as a scrub. You are going to see fast results and a smooth gorgeous radiance. The bonus? use it on your lips as a little lip scrub too!

I love moisturizer but every time I do this mask/scrub, I don't even feel like I need to moisturize because my skin is so smooth and feels great. I apply a little SPF and out the door I go. Winning!
That's it! That's my big beauty secret, thanks to my mama! Brown sugar and honey for the win! Please share your results and if you have other super simple at-home beauty secrets, share them with me below! 

Happy you-time babe! Xo.