Yup, we are one whole day into spring today and as I type this there is a major snowstorm outside my bedroom window... so I've decided to ignore that and stop complaining about it and do something about it instead. Which led me to today's post: 3 ways to beat the winter blues!

Technically it should be about 15 degrees warmer and I should be wearing a light jacket instead of snow boots but I am not so we are going to pretend that it's spring out and I am sharing how you can do that too.


Google flights is your best friend... you can book some really great deals weeks in advance and save some big bucks on flights. Anytime I'm feeling like a need for a vacation or I am just so over this East Coast weather, I plan a staycation, vacation, whatever my budget is that day. I've been planning a few vacations this year, some road trips and some require flying... Google Flights has really great deals and they alert you when your selected dates have price drops too.

In my search I've also found some really great rentals in my Home Away app. My tip? book a flight, get the rental and start packing boo! If you are traveling with a group of people, renting a house is ideal because a) it's cheaper b) it's more fun!


Not joking... the best way to feel better (for me!) is to shop for spring and summer... guuurl, try it. But don't blame me for your credit card bill!

You just booked that vacay right above so now you need cute outfits... preferably a bikini, or in my case a cute one piece.  There so many great deals online right now. JCPenney has an additional 30% off site wide, I just bought the cutest mules for just $23! Shop it here. Zara has all their spring/summer collection out and I am dying over the pieces, check out this lace dress, it's perfect for Easter too. And can we talk about swimsuits? This one-piece cut out is perfect, Forever 21 has the best inexpensive swimsuits.


Are you tired of my spring cleaning posts yet? I hope not because I have more coming... I've been prepping the house for spring in any way possible, decor, organizing, you name it. From my closet to my jewelry drawers and my next big tackle: the laundry room (stay tuned for that!). Somehow re-organzing and re-decorating for the new season puts me in a great mood. The best thing about it is that I can get rid of things I don't need and give it away to people who can make better use of it. I've been donating, doing giveaways (did you see last night's IG giveaway?) and planning for my big garage sale this May.
When people ask how do you keep your house so clean and organized with 2 little ones, my answer is: I am a freak of organization and cleanliness... trust me it's not pretty some days but it works for me. It actually puts me in a good mood... #OCDProblems.

I hope my little tips helped you feel better about this stubborn winter we are still dealing with... if you book a flight or buy the swimsuit... take me with you!... I am accepting all forms of vacations as payment for these bright ideas;) Happy 2nd day of spring?