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Potty training is so different for every parent and every child as well. I was just having this conversation with a friend of mine... all children are so different, in so many aspects. You can raise two kids under the same roof and they will be as opposite as sugar and salt. True story. At least that is
my case in our potty training journeys with Emme and Ben.

Emme is almost at the point where she is fully potty trained. Believe me, this process has taken a little longer with her mostly because we were barely home for a full couple days in the summer, so it was hard to train her to use the toilet while enjoying the outdoors as much as we could. When you live on the East Coast, summer is a huge deal so we spend a lot of time outdoors. Which is why I made the decision to train her as much as I could while still enjoying our summer days without being pushy and I absolutely let her take her time... Pull- Ups made this whole experience that much better because I felt like she was still getting used to being a big girl by using her Pull- Ups, and feeling like a big girl also made my life easier. 

My son on the other hand was potty trained fairly quickly... but the dynamic was so different, our lives were different then. Ben's birthday is in August so he was around 2 1/2 during the winter months and we were able to stay home one full weekend and get him started once I saw that he was showing signs of readiness. Life is so much different now a days and we are much busier, between soccer, ballet, my job, the house and everything in between, our days seem shorter and shorter.

With Emme, I made the decision to just go along with it and let her go at her own pace. Now that we are in November, we have been more constant with her and are fully in potty training mode. My plan is to have her fully potty trained by the holidays, but I know from previous experience that potty training doesn’t always go according to plan – and that’s perfectly okay. Yes, the holidays can get hectic but for me it's actually easier, because we are home a lot more in the winter time. That means we can fully focus on her going to the bathroom like a big girl. And plus, there are ways to tie in the holidays to make potty training more fun. The Pull-Ups website has tons of games and resources to make the journey more fun and tips to tailor the journey based on your child’s unique personality. For example, I started reading up on Emme’s potty personality and learned that M&M’s might be a good incentive for her, so I bought some fun holiday themed ones to tie everything together. Pull-Ups has helped potty train 50 million Big Kids and counting! So, I think they know what they’re doing ☺ 

Truthfully, I know that it will be a bittersweet time for Emme and for me too. My baby is growing up and as much as I love seeing her develop into a wonderful smart happy big girl... I love the baby years. As a mom of 2, I recommend Pull- Ups for your potty training journey. They have truly been a life saver for us and Emme's toddler life.
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This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups. As always, all opinions are my own.

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups.