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It's been a crazy few weeks to say the least. Between all the devastation and sadness felt throughout the nation and the outpouring amount of love and kindness being felt around the globe, I've been an emotional mess lately. If you know me personally you know that I am a very emotional person, I cry
when I am happy, sad, angry, I cry. For the past few weeks I've been trying to grab life by the horns and every time I feel like I got a hang of it something else comes along the way.

Originally this post was going to be an update as to what I've been up to because there is a lot I want to share. But considering all the urgency in our country right now and more important issues which should be talked about, I decided to share an initiative that I am creating. I am working on an initiative to help aid a family or families in Puerto Rico who need it most. It's an idea that came to me after seeing so many videos of the parts of Puerto Rico that are not being helped. I watched Bethenny Frankel's twitter all day today and she truly inspired me to do more. To get up and work hand in hand. She's been so amazing, she's made me cry a few times with her kindness and truly everyone else helping her out. This is a humanitarian crisis and we must help out. Any which way we can and every which way we can.

Unfortunately, things in Puerto Rico continue to get worse as hospitals, sick people and the poorer municipalities are being left behind. I felt that I needed to do more than donate money to xyz charities. I am grateful for the work these organizations are doing but I am the type of person who wants to help people directly and personally as well. My idea, and I hope you will sign up to help me, is to sponsor a family/families either in Puerto Rico or coming from Puerto Rico into NYC or NJ. I am in contact with a few people who are helping me connect with these families since I don't know anyone in Puerto Rico. So this is where you guys come in! Though it's very early on, I need to know who can help me sponsor these families. I want you to email me at byerikabatista [at] gmail [dot] com and tell me if you would be kind enough to sponsor a family and whatever they need. Doesn't have to be everything that they need maybe a few supplies, whatever you can but something. As soon as I have a family I will contact you and we can arrange everything. 

I know this is only a little bit of so much that has to be done but we must pull together and let kindness and love win. Granito por granito we will help all the people in Puerto Rico affected by this devastating hurricane. 

This initiative has a lot of potential so I hope you will help me. It all starts with one person, so you all are imperative to the success of this! I want to use my social media influence for more and this is a great time and moment to do so. Helping others and being kind from the bottom of my heart truly fulfills me. 

Photograph: Ricardo Arduengo/AFP/Getty Images

Thank you so much in advance for your kindness. You will get all of it back trifold, I promise! Please email me and I will add you to my list. I am counting on you! Un abrazo...