... for me that is. So this has been an amazing spring/summer for us. We took the kids to Disney, we went on a couple of great road trips, between the park, the pool, the beach, the zoo, museums, the library and dinners on the patio till super late at night... we really can say we enjoyed summer to the fullest, just as I planned.  But all good things must come to an end and truthfully, this time, I am ok with that. But I am a little
nervous because my baby is starting 1st grade tomorrow. I can't believe it either you guys. But not only is he starting first grade but he is going to a new school and I have all sorts of jitters and anxiety for him... and he has no idea.

The thing is that though time is zooming by, to me, Ben is still my little baby and I think he will always be. I mean don't get me wrong I am so excited for him and honestly excited for ME. Finally we get back on track and organized and everyone has a schedule and I have more time to work and focus on what I love. But still, I am a little nervous for him and for the past week I've been imagining what his first day will be like. 

My biggest hope (and prayers) is that he has a great school year and mostly that he makes KIND and LOVING friends. With the way the world is today, I can't help but pray that my little boy encounters great kids in his class. My boy is 6 and he is absolutely so innocent and I would like to keep it that way as much as possible. Sometimes my husband says that I baby him too much but I always say that he will have plenty of time to be a big boy and a grown up, for now he is mine and all mine. 

I finally completed our Back to School list today... at Target of course. Our school list was actually not bad at all and I ended up spending only about $45 which I think is amazing! Target really had some great deals; Crayola crayons were just $0.50, a pack of 4 erasers was $1.84 and the composition notebooks (such cute designs!) were just $0.75! Though they did have the cutest Yoobi notebooks for about $2! 
We are officially ready to start school tomorrow. Ben is both excited and "a little shy" but I've explained to him that he is going to be amazing and have great friends:) My heart can't handle it but I officially have a FIRST GRADER!

Cheers! And lots of positive vibes + prayers for a blessed school year for all the kiddos starting school this week! I will be sure to update you on how our first day in 1st grade went tomorrow on Insta stories, of course!