My sweet Benjamin turned 6 years young yesterday:) the amount of emotions are real you guys... but we won't get into that on this post or I will never stop writing. I am 100% that mom. And proud. This year we decided to celebrate somewhat differently than other years, after all, for the past 5 years
we've had big elaborate parties and this year we wanted to celebrate by taking the kids somewhere fun for the weekend, so we took them to Pennsylvania. The idea was a fun little weekend getaway that was a lot of perfect for the kids but not stressful for us and no more than 2 hours away. So after asking for ideas on Instagram (you guys are the best! - thank you) we chose to take a drive to PA and visit a couple of super cool and fun places for kids. If you're looking for a fun weekend getaway with kids near New Jersey, keep on reading... 


If you've traveled with kids before you know that the key to traveling with children is comfort! Whether you're driving or flying to your destination you want comfort in all ways possible. This time around we partnered with our friends at Mazda and they let us borrow the CX-5. And we are obsessed! It's the perfect family car without sacrificing style. I love the sleek designs and the amazing interior. The super safe and cool features truly made our ride to Pennsylvania a breeze. It's a 2-row SUV with a beautiful luxuries interior. From the cool navigation screen, the gorgeous off white leather seats, individual weather control, and every sensor you can imagine. The kids, the hubby and I loved it and we are seriously considering buying one! If you are looking for reliable and stylish SUV, you should consider the Mazda CX-5. Now that traveling in comfort is checked off our list... let me tell you guys where we went:) 

You guys, if you were to ask me what my favorite theme park is, the answer without hesitation is Sesame Place! We've been going since Ben was very little, probably about Emme's age, 2 years old and we love it. I secretly may love it more than the kids. It's the perfect place for younger kids. I love that it's catered to my kids' ages; 2 1/2 and now 6 and that they always have a blast. We always make sure to enjoy the water side of the park first and end the day at the dry rides and the carnival area. You can't miss Elmo The Musical, it's the cutest show and kids of all ages love it. Emme and Ben enjoyed the parade and Emme wouldn't stop waving at Elmo and yelling his name! 

The best part about Sesame Place is that they also have really great Halloween and Christmas events. the Halloween Spooktacular looks amazing, I still haven't been during October but we did visit during Christmas.  A Very Furry Christmas was so much fun last year, Ben even got on the roller coaster, he got scared but he was brave enough to go on it! I hope we can visit this year during Christmas as well. 

Thank you so much to Sesame Place for inviting us and letting us celebrate Ben's 6th birthday the best way we could've. Ben had an amazing memorable day. He loved the water slides and got on them at least 10 times... my fave was the lazy river;) Ben even wanted to go back the next day! 


First of all, I had no idea there was a Legoland in Philadelphia. Did you? Well now you know and you have to visit. Honestly we loved it. It was about a 30 minute ride from our hotel (Sheraton Bucks County) and it was the perfect way to spend the day after a long day at Sesame Place. We woke up a little later than usual, headed out to IHOP and then drove off to Legoland. I don't know who was more in awe, me or the kids. I've never seen so many legos in one place. The talent these Legoland artists have is amazing. I was obsessed with the mini cities and the interactive games for kids. Emme and Ben were literally running around from room to room. Ben loved the Lego guy and ran and hugged him to take a pic, it was so cute. And we ended our visit with a ride on the Lego train, which was super fun. We got to shoot of lasers into stars, planets and coins... it was a pretty cute ride and Emme loved it as much as we did. 

Of course we finalized our visit with a little birthday gift from the gift shop. Ben chose a Minecraft set and Emme a Minnie Mouse set with which they played for hourssss! Thank you so much Legoland for showing us around! We can't wait to visit again. 

So of course all this fun didn't go as smooth as it sounds... kids are, well, kids! So we had a couple of accidents... Ben fell and hit his head on the very first ride we got on at Sesame Place, he had 2 bumps on his head... poor thing! But he wouldn't stop jumping and spinning around the metal bars during the line... I hate to say so, but I told him so! He sure learned his lesson and he was totally fine 20 minutes later. 

Then Emme fell on her face right after we left Legoland... but even though these moments get stressful and of course I want to protect my children from everything and anything... those moments remind me that they are just kids. These moments remind me to simply enjoy the moments and cherish them because time goes by faster than we know. I am so happy with were we are in life right now. I love the age my kids are in, they are fun, they are funny, they love to be with us and one have eyes for Dave and I. I know one day they won't want to hang out with us as much... but until then, I am smothering them all up with hugs and kisses all day. I told you I was that mom. 

We hope you enjoyed our IG stories and these pictures we are sharing from our weekend trip with the kids. Last night's family get together was truly perfect, I am so happy with how we spent our son's birthday this year... sometimes the simpler things in life are the best ones lived. Happiest of birthdays to my amazing, sweet, loving, cool, funny, quirky, smart and thoughtful son. May God continue to bless him with health and love forever. I have a 1st grader you guys! All the feels.