Having little kids in the summer is fun and truly it's one of my highlights of the season. I love summer but taking the kids out and doing day trips or weekend trips can get pricey. This summer I told myself I would explore my state and do things all around NJ and fun things with the kids at least once per week. Ben had camp (soccer x bible) so these past two weeks we've been trying to work around that. But for today's post I wanted to share some things to do for free with kids this summer in NJ. I hope you guys enjoy and head over to some of these fun spots for little kids. 
Since Ben and Emme are still pretty young they are happy doing just about anything; from spray parks to the library, they enjoy the moments... I wish I was them! It's so sweet to be a kid, their innocence will forever tug at my heart. Without further ado, here are 5 things to do with the kids for FREE this summer: 
1. SPRAY PARKS. Most of the spray parks in my area are free. This is a fun way to beat the heat and enjoy these summer days, the kids are happy and you don't have to spend a penny. Be sure to pack some lunch and enjoy a picnic in the park. That's typically what I do and the kids always have a blast. The bonus? It wears them out so it gives me a nice break when we get home:) 
2. LIBRARY. I don't know about your kids but my kids are obsessed with the library! Who knew? On days when you have no idea what else to do and maybe your budget is tight, head over to your nearest library. What I love most is that public libraries are always full of events and they are all free. Emme enjoys playing in the kid area and since Ben is obsessed with dinosaurs he can spend hours going through dinosaur books. 
3. MOVIES IN THE PARK. We recently had such a good time watching a play in the park in my area and the kids loved it. While the adults did have to pay a minimal fee, kids were FREE and it was totally worth it. Some towns like Hoboken have Movies Under The Stars and that is free for all. You can watch a movie with the fan for free with the Manhattan skyline. Nothing better than that in my book. 
4. FESTIVALS. I always search for things to do in my town. And you will always find fun festivals parades. Kids activities include face painting, arts and crafts, water balloons and bouncy houses! We visited Branch Brook Park in the spring and it was absolutely the best time. I've got a couple in my list this summer. 
5. MUSEUMS. Google free museums in your town and I can guarantee you'll find dinosaurs exhibits, train collections and all the fun stuff. Don't forget to jot down times and dates, as these are typically specific events. We went to a train exhibit at the beginning of summer and they had a super fun scavenger hunt! Ben loved it. 
I hope you guys enjoyed these little tips on things to do for free in NJ this summer. And don't forget to enjoy the moments... whatever your budget is the idea is to enjoy the little moments because kids are very simple, they enjoy the present and are happy just by being with you. That's what I've learned as a mom to my two littles... so I am trying to be present in the moment and enjoy these simple activities that mean the world to them. For me, they are priceless memories I'll remember forever.