Emme's potty training journey has been pretty interesting, sort of a like a rollercoaster. Some days we have really great days and others she couldn’t care less for telling me she has to go potty. And truthfully, I am not pushing this time around. That's the thing about second children, life is so
different after your first. On my last potty training post, I shared that Ben was potty trained more quickly than average – I had a mission and I accomplished it. With Emme, I have a very different life than I did back then so I rely on Pull-Ups Training Pants to help her get used to "big girl undies" while still keeping her dry. 

This time around the process is taking a little longer and I feel like she has regressed a bit but that's ok, it happens. I just keep reminding myself that all children are different. Life is different, we are more on the go and honestly, we are just busier. And, it’s true – each child really is different and has a different potty training experience. I am happy to continue this partnership with Pull-Ups as we tackle this big milestone in Emme's life. Her Pull-Ups keep her dry and help her with her progress by allowing her to feel like a big girl while being potty trained.

I'll tell you a little story of what happened the other day. On a random Wednesday, I said to myself ok today is the day and I explained to her that if she needed to go potty to let me know... and we tried on her real big girl undies for the first time. Truthfully, she did great! The first time, she peed right through the undies... as expected. The second and best part? She went to the bathroom by herself without telling me, pulled down her underwear and sat herself down. She didn't completely make it (she peed on the bathroom floor a little) but she had the right idea. Even though half of it was in the toilet (yay!!!) and half on the floor, I was still really proud of her. She did it all on her own and cheered her on, she was so happy and I felt so proud of her. She didn't even tell me she was going to the bathroom, she just went on her own and in those 2 seconds that I didn't see her, when I looked for her, she was sitting on the toilet like a big girl and my heart bursted with pride. It's these little moments that I will always remember, and helped me realize what an important developmental milestone this is for her. I could tell using Pull-Ups really helped her learn these potty training skills and prepare her for big girl undies.
About an hour after that, my mom came to pick her up and since she was leaving the house, we put her Pull-Ups to avoid any accidents in the car and while she was out. Which is why I love that I can rely on Pull-Ups to help us through this journey. Don’t take it just from me though, cause other moms do too – in fact, 3 of 4 moms prefer the Pull-Ups offering*, including products, packaging and in-pack prizes and activities. If you are looking for potty training tips for your toddler, here are 3 things that have worked for me and Emme: 

*vs Pampers Easy Ups 

1. It will get messy. It's inevitable, they are just learning but go ahead and put those Pull-Ups on because they are designed to help teach potty training skills. Eventually they’ll master big kid undies and wearing training pants is a great way to prepare for that day., It takes a lot of patience but they will get it, trust me. 

2. Make it a big deal! I remember when we first started potty training Emme, we talked about it a lot because I knew how exciting it was for her. We even made a special trip to the store to pick out her training pants and potty seat and everything, and she recognized that from then on, she was done with her “baby diapers” and ready to be a Big Kid!

3. Ask, ask, ask. Remember they have short attention spans. I asked Emme every 15 minutes if she wanted to go to the toilet. By repeating what they need to do in case they do have to go potty, you are helping them understand and remember to make their way to the bathroom when they are ready. You can even bring them to the toilet and have them sit down to see if they will go.
Whether your child learns in 2 days or 2 months, don't worry mamas, they will get there. Think of it this way, your child will not go to college wearing diapers. Eventually, your child will get it and you will wonder where time went. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions please feel free to leave your comment below. Happy potty training:)
This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups. As always, all opinions are my own.