I love dresses, they are probably my favorite piece of clothing in my closet. There is something so good about wearing a dress and feeling confident in it. When it comes to mixing textures and trends I always like to play with
prints, textures and price points. From the moment I saw this dress I knew I had to have it. And because it's spring, I wanted to add a little something over it so I don't get cold. Faux leather jackets go with everything and this look instantly became one of my faves.

I got both pieces at Forever 21, heck, scratch that, I even got the shoes at Forever 21. I am a Forever 21 girl for sure, especially when i comes to trends, like the floral Frida Kahlo  inspired look I am wearing here. The dress is so well made and the gorgeous floral detail is truly really pretty to look at. Adding more of an edgy jacket to this dress gave it the kick of cool it needed. And as usual, I mixed that up with the silver sequin star clutch I got on super sale at Call it Spring (just $14). I am obsessed with finding great deals and a great deal in fashion is like winning the lottery. It's like you make money on your clothes;) 
If you are a little nervous about mixing prints or textures, I would recommend you start of slowly. Maybe do stripes with a subtle floral or stripes and a denim jacket... I love that look it's easy and still super cool. But don't be afraid to take risks in fashion. I love being a women that can feel confident in whatever she wears, wherever she goes. To me, style is about comfort, not matter how much soupy for a piece of clothing, if you aren't comfortable and confident in it, it has no value and it will show right through. So next time, you are shopping, dare to mix it up a little.