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I've been waiting months to finally share this home decor post and I am so happy to finally able to do so. I know a lot of you have asked for a house tour in the past and even though we've been in our house for a year and a half now, truthfully, not one room is fully finished... until now! My living room is finally complete and I am so happy with the outcome. You all know how much I love home decor and my house is my canvas... and even though I have to little ones I still believe in having a pretty stylish home that suits us all. I love mixing textures, metallics and neutrals, they give the space a very cozy vibe, which is why you will see golds mixed with silvers and wooden accents, as well as mirrored pieces throughout our home. 
If you guys remember we had this super chic and stylish sofa when we first moved it but even though it was extremely pretty, it was not practical at all. It was uncomfortable and not big enough. So we decided to sell it and decorate the living room yet once again (even though it was never complete). This time I am so happy to share that I've partnered with Raymour & Flanigan for our Living Room update. Back in January I shared a few behind the scene videos on IG stories while I was shopping for the perfect sofa at my local Raymour & Flanigan and now it's all come full circle and we couldn't be happier with our living room.  When choosing the right sofa for us, I knew this time I wanted a sectional but it had to be a small-ish one because like I mentioned our living room is not big at all so I had to work smart with my space. A big priority was comfort. Having the two kids and only one living room, we use this space a lot so it had to be a great comfortable sofa that we can hang out in all day if we wanted to. 
We ended up choosing the Leighton 2-piece sectional sofa and it's the most comfortable sofa ever. Not only is it the perfect color, perfect dimensions but the style and feel of it is perfect for our family, making it our best sofa to date. If you are looking for a small sectional (or big!) you will love the Leighton Collection. We got the 2-piece but you can make it a 3, 4 or 5-piece sectional as well. Everyone that visits loves it, it's so comfy that once you sit you just don't want to get up. I didn't love the print pillows it came with so I switched them out for some other neutral ones with lots of textures and even added a blush pink faux fur one that I love. Which gives a nice balance to the grays. So I'll stop chatting now and let's get right into the pictures... hope you love my space as much as I do. 
Adding a nice and soft area rug was a must. It was important for me to bring in the space and make it warm and cozy. I wanted our living room to be stylish but also very homey and welcoming. I love the Kramer area rug (5x7) that we chose. 
Leighton 2-piece Sectional Sofa: Raymour & Flanigan
5 x7 Kramer Area Rug: Raymour & Flanigan

This gorgeous vintage style accent table was an easy choice for me. I love the color and the detail and the fact that it was a nice storage space for books, baskets and even some seasonal decor. I added gold details to contrast the darker turquoise shade and these pretty pink roses gave it an instant pop. 
Maeve Accent TableRaymour & Flanigan
I truly hope you guys enjoyed my living room tour and that it may inspire you when decorating your own homes. Making our living room perfect for us was a really fun project that my husband and I took on. Remember, no matter how big or small your space is, it's all about finding the right pieces that make your living space comfortable, stylish and most importantly very YOU. My tip is to plan out before picking out your pieces, you can find inspiration on my Pinterest board for decor ideas for your own home. Make a mood board ahead of time and see what you like most and what your ideal color scheme is and what kind of pieces best suit your space. The key is to plan it out and play with textures and styles to find your best fit. 
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