If you are wondering why I've been so MIA from social media is because for the past couple of days I've been outfit planning and packing because... I am so excited to share with you guys that I am headed to LA tomorrow to attend the 2017 We All Grow Summit in Long Beach, California. If you remember I had the pleasure of attending last year for the very first time (video here), and not only was it the best conference I've ever been to but it taught me very valuable lessons not just as an influencer and entrepreneur but as a Latina woman. That opportunity came at the perfect time... when I needed it most. 
But... the best news about my LA trip is not only that I am attending this amazing conference but most importantly I am coming as a Johnson's Baby ambassador! Johnsons's Baby will be there for the very first time and I will be hosting the amazing suite we have planned for all attendees. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I cannot wait to share my experience and more on my role as a Johnson's Baby ambassador this year. If you are headed to Long Beach for the conference, be sure to stop by the Johnson's Baby suite and say hello. I can't give too much away but the suite is going to be amazing! The entire conference promises to be one to remember and from my experience, I can guarantee this one to be even better than the last and I can't wait! 
Follow my every move in LA beginning tomorrow morning, so make sure you are following me on all my social media platforms. I will be snapping, tweeting, facebooking and of course instagramming it all! See you in LA!