When it comes to my children's education I am very particular about what our needs and wants are. B 
is only in kindergarten but I already find myself being so picky and choosy about his education, as it should be, in my opinion. This week is National School Choice Week and I am happy to have partnered with NSCW for this post. 
My son is currently in private school because last year before we moved to our current town the pre-k and kindergarten options in my last town where not suitable for what we needed (schedule wise). So we decided to put him in private school full day until we figured out where we were going to live and that's what worked for us. I love his little school, but I find myself questioning diversity versus a "better" school much too often. I want my kids to grow up in an environment where they are exposed to different cultures, races and incomes but also a great school system... so that's a very tricky combination. But since he is so young, and because we are paying those hard earned dollars in taxes, we have decided that he will go to public school this September for first grade. He is only 5 years old and I think it's important to raise him in a community where he is able to experience different cultures and as much as I love his current school I do feel that in some way it is much like a bubble.
If he were to stay in this private school, he will grow up with these same 18 kids for the rest of his life... and while I love that little nook of warmth and love and care - I also want him B to be exposed to not just great education but also all types of people and cultures. 
Growing up, I transferred from school to school, because I went to school in Ecuador from K through 4th grade and then in New Jersey (in a couple of different towns) fro 4th grade through high school and of course then college. As much as all of me wants both of my kids to always be in a little bubble, I think it's so important for children to be exposed to different environments while receiving great education. I want my children to be both book smart with a pint of street smart. In today's society I strongly believe children need a good combination of both. And I can only pray that I am making the right decisions for my children. Being a mom, you worry about so many things and aside from health, education is my priority. 
There are so many great options now when it comes to schools, you can literally send your child to a number of different schools, from private, charter or public schools, to online learning and of course, home-schooling which is growing at a crazy fast rate in popularity. I love the communities who have made home schooling so amazing for children while focusing on their strengths and needs all in one. I wish there were more of those in my area truthfully. Only then I would consider it, under the condition that I can have a home school support group! I commend those mothers who home school their kids, I would imagine that kind of commitment and responsibility can be very stressful. 
Our plan is to move to a town with a better school district by the time B is in middle school (or junior high) I already have my eyes set on what town I want to live in now it's all about saving and planning it accordingly. Once Emme goes to Kindergarten in about 3 years, then we should be where we want to be at. If you are interested in learning more about what kind of education options your town offers, I highly suggest that you check out the National School Choice Week website for more information. You can choose where you live and find events in your area and you can discuss what type of education is better suited for your child. 
We all aim at being great parents who raise amazing, kind, compassionate and loving children, we are in this together and education is the best gift we can give our children. What are your choices and/or concerns when it comes to your child's education? What type of school system do you use?