My mind can't stop thinking about the people in Aleppo. I've seen a zillion amazing and carefully curated Holiday Gift Guides and they are all so good and the goodies are so great. As all of bloggers have been doing, it's that time of the year where we are prepping and curating to share our favorite products so that you can go and buy them for those you love or for yourself. And my plan was to originally share my picks for Gifts for Her,  I've had products sent to me that I love to use or I have tried and wanted to share with you guys. But it doesn't feel right, not right now. It doesn't make me feel good to sit here and make a beautiful Holiday Gift Guides when so much hurt and pain is happening in our world. Aleppo. I have to admit that like many of us I didn't know much about the city. In the passed few days, I've been asking around, reading articles online, watching videos and photos on social media and my God, I have no words to explain how I feel. Helpless. Sad. Heartbroken. 
To be able to sit here in my warm home, with my healthy children and family... while other humans just like you and I are going through hell (literally) is disheartening. It feels bad, it feels wrong and I don't know how to help. For now the only way I feel like I can make a difference it by donating, praying, spreading awareness; through here and all my social media channels. And today for my Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway I will be asking all participants to repost my photo of Aleppo in order to enter. It's the least I can do and it feels like it is nothing at all. Like my two cents is nothing at all. Those children's faces are engraved in my mind and I can't help but hurt inside. 
Please find a moment to prat for our Syrian brothers and sisters. Pray for peace in their days and please pray for this genocide to STOP. Let's pray that our higher powers take action and do something to help Aleppo. Those children can one day be our children. The way our government, our world and out America is at this very moment... I pray that we never experience what the people in Aleppo are living through. But most importantly I pray that you reading this finds the heart and soul to pray because God hears us and he feels us. Pray. Please just pray and if you can donate at least $5, here are some legitimate places I found through research that are truly helping the victims in anyway they can right now. Thank you for reading. Now please donate: