So this Mommy Monday is actually going up today, on a Tuesday... because well, yesterday was pretty eventful. My schedule was completely thrown off, I had set my agenda so adequately for this week and Jesus was like "yea, no". Our day started off at the
emergency room where my husband drove himself after taking a detour on his way to work. Very very long story short: he had kidney stones. If you've ever experienced it, you know they say it's like giving birth. So it was pretty bad and I felt so terrible because there was nothing I could do to help and I am not one to sit still at any given time. While we were in the ER I was feeling like complete crap. Totally feeling ill, I had a horrible back pain shooting down my arm... it was just so bad. I couldn't be comfortable in any position. I never usually complain and normally always suck it up but yesterday was just so much, with everything happening at once.
To top that off, we had a gas leak at home, which thank God my brother in law found by coincidence... long story. I swear there are so many "long stories" for one day! So while we were at the ER trying to figure out what was wrong with Dave, my sis and bro in law were getting Emme and my mom out of our house and taking are of this gas leak situation. Talk about stress. Oh on this same manic Monday... one of our fish died! Bluey passed away and it was so sad... thankfully we were able to replace him today before Ben noticed. I just couldn't handle delivering the sad news to him yesterday on top of such a crazy day. It was just thing after thing. 
And because it was Halloween, I was determined to take the kids out even if for a bit, with everything that went on I knew I had to suck it up; I took a Motrin, prayed for the best and that Dave would be ok at home and went trick or treating sans my hubby. But we still had a such a fun time. The kids and their cousins had a blast, it's so sweet to live life through the eyes of a child. I am happy I managed to pull through and took them out to enjoy Halloween.
I had so much to do yesterday work wise, emails, posts and photos to edit and everything went to shits. But the important thing is everyone is healthy and safe. Now I am back to crunching everything in this week and shooting a few campaigns by tomorrow. I felt like I lived 72 hours in just 24 yesterday... I am so grateful for my family, for always being there for us and the kids and making even our small hurdles flow with ease. I am so blessed, I truly don't know what I would do without all of them, especially my mom. It truly takes a village, people. From my mom rushing to our house in the morning to stay with Emme while I met Dave at the ER, to my sis and bro in law taking care of our gas issue... my cousin Edu for filling in for Dave during trick or treating... my other cousins for making it a fun one and taking my mind off the stress! (Thanks Matt for the Mike's Hard!), my sister in law coming back to our house at night to help with Dave... and my mom coming after work once again to sleep over in case we needed anything in the middle of the night. I don't know what I would do without them. I am blessed.
Thankfully today everything feels like it's going back to normal. I prayed so hard and I am glad God is always there for us. I am such a believe you guys, prayer is so powerful, my faith is so deep.