The kids are sick! And though I know it's good for their immune system... it's pretty sucky to watch them be uncomfortable and feeling ill. I am writing this Mommy Monday at 10pm because it's now that I had a chance to catch up. I am so grateful that
they only have colds and nothing worse. But I wanted to come on here to check in and say hello. We had a really jam packed weekend; parties and play dates and lots of good food and laughs. Isn't that what life is about anyway? Sure times get tough and crazy and sometimes we complain more than we should but in reality we are all just trying to do life as best as we can. Some do it better than others but that's ok. I am a mommy of 2 kiddies first, my brand/business come second to my family. Today was a pretty hectic day but it passed and we are blessed to be healthy and happy. So what do I do when the kids are sick? I give them lots of hugs and spoil them rotten. Aside from whatever meds they may need of course. 
One thing that works great for colds for us is steam baths! Last night I had Emme in the bathroom with steam from the shower at around 3 in the morning, and it helped her sleep a little better the next few hours. We also use baby Vick's Vaporub and give chicken soup for their little colds. Emme was a little feverish so we gave Motrin but thankfully the warmth went away. Fevers freak me out! We also have one of those Nose Frida gadgets to suck out all the mucus from Emme's nose. She hates it but it truly works, I totally recommend it! So if you are looking for easy tips for the kid's colds this season:
5. LOTS and LOTS of LOVE.
If you are in the East Coast, I hope you are keeping warm and cozy!