You guys, I am really happy about today's post, I am introducing a new series of posts that will hopefully make the blog a better platform for you and for me.  
Last week during a girl to girl talk with one of my blogger friends I was telling her how I was feeling stumped and uninspired lately. If you are a writer, you know exactly what I am talking about. So after a few back and forths, she suggested I do scheduled posts weekly. Genius right? I know a lot of people do it but sometimes you need a friend to remind you that you are awesome and that you are killing it too and that all you need is a little push. So I came up with Mommy Mondays and she came up with Foodie Fridays! And I couldn't be happier. I am so happy to actually have a set topic that I can focus on weekly, instead of being all over the place. I think this will be a great discussion on everything from my mommy tips and motherhood thoughts. This can be a space where we can share our worries, complaints and of course our joys. I have so many ideas, I also want to post my favorite shops and clothing brands for my kids... I know you guys loved the Kids Fashion post from last week. So just a variety of everything motherhood. I literally live and breath it, so might as well stamp it all over Mondays! ha! 
The plan is to post Mommy Mondays every Monday (of course!) and Foodie Fridays every Friday. Foodie Fridays will consist of either my own recipes (which I know you guys love and have been asking for!) or recipes that I want to try and make and of course everything I am pinning on Pinterest. Have you guys seen my recipes board? I die, I salivate every time and then I wish I had a personal chef! Oh to dream big! I remember how much you all loved my snapchat recipes posts in the evening. It's been so hard to do that lately but I promise you I am still cooking daily. 
I think this will be a fun change and I am excited for what's to come. Also, I wanted to ask you guys what you think of YouTube videos every Wednesday? I am thinking videos on Wednesdays, and Tuesdays and Thursday will be about beauty and/or fashion. This way I can have enough content throughout the week. Honestly posting 3-4 times a week will make me ecstatic. I think this schedule will fill up my blog really nicely giving you guys a nice variety of organized posts to look forward to. 
Honestly organization is everything. It makes me feel put together and whole. I am so beyond anal when it comes to my house and whenever I am feeling stumped or out of it with my blog everything seems to have a domino effect.  It makes me happy that I have decided to put these changes in order. I am happy for friends like the ones I have. I feel like bloggers understand bloggers and our struggles and when your blog is your full time job and source of income you know how important content, readers and creativity are. Your blog is a reflection of you and I want my platform to represent what I am and what I stand for, genuinely, honestly and always stylish.
Thank you guys for the love and for reading:)