I was asked to participate in the #WishIHadaWetOnes #Contest campaign, sponsored by Wet Ones® at Walgreens. 
Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.
Having a 1 1/2 year old and a 5 year old, things get messy constantly around my house and pretty much anywhere we go! Every morning at breakfast time we have a mess or three. Emme no longer wants to sit in her high chair while I make breakfast for us, so she hangs out with me and helps me make the food. Messy is an understatement! I swear all kids are so different, Ben hated being dirty, while Emme loooooves to
experiment and touch everything. She puts her hand on everything she can find and I secretly love that about her. While it drives me insane most times, I love that she is a little explorer. What I don't love so much is the sticky, messy, wet and dirty hands, face and toes that come as a result of her curiosity! So I shop for Wet Ones® at Walgreens and always keep it handy at home and on the go. I love that Wet Ones® are antibacterial and they kill 99.9% of germs, while also softening our hands. Wet Ones® are tough on dirt but gentle on the skin and you can use them when you don't have soap and water available. You can use them anywhere, day trips, mall trips, at home to clean the kids up after a quick mess, and of course in the car and those germs from pushing shopping carts at stores! I keep a canister handy at all times. 
I also love Wet Ones® Sensitive Skin canister; they are alcohol and fragrance free with an extra mild cleanser and soothing moisturizers to help keep the touchiest skin touchable.
If you are a new mom or even a mom of 5 and are not using Wet Ones® Antibacterial wipes I definitely recommend you stop by your local Walgreens and pick up a canister or a few. A good mommy tip is also getting the Wet Ones® Antibacterial Travel Pack for on-the-go messes! I keep a pack in my bag or the kids' backpacks and replace as I use them. Trust me you don't want to be caught without one at a time of a messy need! (Take advantage of a $0.75 ibotta offer – limited quantities available and exclude 20 count packages.)
But Wet Ones® aren't just for kids - I use them anytime I go to the supermarket to wipe my hands after pushing the shopping cart, even when we walk Lola (my shih tzu) after we pick up after her. There are endless uses and endless messy situations... you will see ;) 
Now until September 30, 2016 you can participate in a national Wet Ones® digital contest to find the “Messiest Kid in America!” with 1 grand prize. The grand prize winner will receive $5,000 plus a year’s supply of Wet Ones® and 5 first prize winners will each receive $2,500. 
The rules are super easy! Visit for full details. 
You can enter the contest by snapping a picture of your child and posting it to Twitter or Instagram using #WishIHadaWetOnes and #Contest
· Contest Assignment: 
1. Take of a photo of your child when he/she is at their messiest ("Photo").
2. Photo can be taken at any time of the day/night when the child/kid is at his/her messiest, including, 
but not limited to meal time(s).
3. Photo can only include your child(ren) or legal ward(s).
4. Photo may include multiple children but each child pictured in the Photo must be between the ages of 2 and 
17 years of age.
5. Photo must not include any trademark or logos, other than the Wet Ones trademark and logo if the product is included in the Photo. 
§ Official Rules and ways to enter here:

Also be sure to join me for the #WishIHadAWetOnes #Contest Twitter party coming up September 22nd from 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET. Follow me @lolabluestyle for party updates so you don’t miss out on a different chance to win! There are going to be a whole new set of prizes given away during the Twitter party!