So Friday, didn't start off as I happy as I had planned. Last night the bloggersphere got word that Mode Media (a $1 billion dollar network agency that gave me a lot of work) shut down yesterday, out of nowhere... leaving thousands of bloggers unpaid. 
The uproar on twitter has been serious, trending #ModeMedia... look it up. 
Honestly, I was really annoyed and frustrated last night into this morning when I woke up. I
 am losing out on a nice chunk of money from work that I spent time on. A good amount of time on. 
See, a lot of times people don't see all the hats that we, as bloggers, wear. 
There's a lot of behind the scenes that you guys have no idea about. And life isn't as pretty and perfect as most people's instagram feed. And I always try to be open and relatable because life is LIFE and it's real. And we all have ups and downs. We all have stress and issues, and problems. So I am very open when it comes to shit going wrong. Because I think part of my success as a blogger is that I am relatable. I am open and I share my ups and downs with you. 
It was shocking to hear about the news but it was even worse to see people's reactions to how bloggers felt. No sympathy. No compassion. A lot of us are out more than a few hundred dollars. 
Some bloggers are losing out on thousands of dollars and this is heartbreaking. We count on this money monthly. This issue just sets a strong tone to how we, as influencers, will handle our future contracts and campaigns. We have to make it a point to take charge and grab that darn bull by its horns. It's out blogs, our voices, our words... we have the power to ask, to negotiate and to get paid on  time. No more of these 30,60, 90 day payouts. All these agencies, their employees get paid weekly... because they have mortgages and children and bills... and so do we. 
We cannot sit back and let agencies take a large amount of money into their accounts while we get paid 2 and 3 months later. We can set the precedent for this. If we all united and stood strong and tall. 
I have learned so much from this blogging industry in the past year. 
My advice to any new blogger or any one that wants to hear it, is that you have know what you want, be savvy, ask questions, even when you feel silly. Negotiate. Get informed, do research. Do not settle. And most importantly, if something feels off, pay attention to it. Be very diligent about contracts. Negotiate everything but always keep professional relationships and manners throughout. 
Sweater: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl's | Skirt: H&M (old) | Shoes: Nine West 
I was feeling really shitty this morning but my husband always has a way of lifting my spirits. 
He said:
"Don't let this kill your momentum, this money will come back to us tenfold. Let this fuel your fire to go get it!" And my whole frumpy mood quickly uplifted. Sometimes we need to hear it. 
Shit happens. Money is paper. Businesses have issues. If I have to lose money today, you best believe my hustle is stronger than this and I will get that money back tenfold. 
There are so many great opportunities being worked on as I write this and God is so good. 
God never fails me and he will not stop now. 
Shit happens, I am done talking about it on my social channels, I had my 5 minutes of feeling sorry for myself and I put those feelings aside and we are moving on. 
Let's get that paper! Happy Friday #BossBabes!