One of the things I love most about my job is that I am able to share so many aspects of my life with you guys. But I mostly love that you guys trust my word and value my input, whether it's for inspiration on home decor or mommy tips and even style advice! It truly means so much to me. 
Which is why today I wanted to share with you, the products I've been using on Emme and Ben. 
And that's Johnson's Baby new Head-to-Toe line! I've been using it for over a month now and for today's post I am telling you how much I love it and why. 
First of all, now that Emme is 1 1/2 years old, I am loving life without a diaper bag! ha! It's truly the little things in life that moms take for granted. 
I now can pack everything I need in my fabulous and stylish blush pink purse, yup, the same one you see all over my Instagram feed! And one of the most important things I pack for both Emme and Ben is actually my Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe Baby Cleansing Cloths! They are amazing. I use them all the time, from the beach to the park and the mall. I love that I can use these cleansing cloths for a quick clean between baths. If you read one of my instas last week you know I will sometimes skip a bath in order to save my sanity! And on those days that I am super busy, overwhelmed or simply have no time, I give the kids a quick clean with these and voila! I love how mild they are and how fresh and clean they smell. They are so soft yet thick and as gentle as water! They contain no parabens or phthalates, no soap or dye, they are alcohol free and of course they are even hypoallergenic! If you are a new mom or an oldie mom like me, I recommend you check out Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe line. You can thank me later;) 
I want you guys to know that every brand I work with are brands I truly love and use on myself and my kids... which is why I recommend it and share my experience with you guys. Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe line is no exception... I am obsessed with the baby cream and baby wash, so much so I even use it on myself! But more on that later;) 
This post is sponsored by Johnson's Baby, as always all opinions are my own.