Emme is truly is like having sunshine in my pocket... she's the happiest, prettiest and smartest baby. 
Just like any mom would think of her children; she's perfection. 
Motherhood comes with no manuals, how-to's or tutorials. So we've pretty much learn as we go with both of our kids, because A) they are both very different and B) kids are kids, and you can't compare one to the other. 
So when it comes to their skin care, I make sure to pick and choose what is best for them. Some products don't work so well with their sensitive skin... while others, do amazing and we stick to them; that is the case with Johnson's Baby NEW Head-to-Toe Baby Lotion. I've talked about my partnership with the Johnson's Baby brand before and I am happy to be able to share this post as part of my collaboration with them. 
Emme's skin is extra sensitive, so we make sure to hydrate her skin a few times a day. We tried a few other brands and not many of them worked on her skin. Thankfully Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Lotion is light and refreshing, which is perfect for the summer months, right into fall and winter. The lotion is not greasy and even she loves putting lotion on. Babies truly learn by example, I am a lotion lover and she sees that and does the same. 
I recommend Johnson's Baby Head to Toe line to every parent I've talked to, because it works... because I have two kids with very different skin needs and the lotion is sensitive enough for both of them. They love their massage time after their nightly baths... and my husband and I love the those memorable times we get to spend with them. 
Mommy Tip: if you are a new mom, experts recommend massaging your baby's body before bed time for a longer-lasting nighttime sleep. It's worked for me and I recommend it for you too. 
This post is sponsored by Johnson's Baby. As always, all opinions are my own. 
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