It's Emme's world and she can cry if she wants to! 
Instagram feeds I follow are usually really pretty... and I like to be inspired by those and like to think you guys are inspired by my "pretty" feed too! But believe the behind the scenes is as crazy and chaotic as any day in any mom's life. For these pictures we were getting ready to leave to Sunday mass. But Emme was not having it that morning and wanted nothing to do
with the camera (I get it kiddo!) But she looked so cuuuute in her Tori Boutique dress and purse, I needed to get at least 10 pics in! haha I love natural everyday pics and I think this definitely shows that... aside from showing mine and her pouttyness. She was happy once I pulled out my lipstick and put it on her...
that bay is her mother's child! She's so girly and strong minded! I love it. 
If you are looking for super cute kids clothing you should follow on Instagram! I love love love their pieces... and so does Em! 
Top + Shorts: Forever 21 | Sandals: Target | Handbag: H&M
Emme's Dress + Purse: c/o Tori Boutique