You know those Mondays when you feel really great, the weather is perfect and everything just seems to be going great? That's the kind of Monday I am having. Total opposite from last week. But I am happy, I feel great and I had a really great weekend. And I hope you did too. 
I haven't shared a style post in a little while and today I am sharing this Tobi dress I had been dying to wear and finally was able to. It's so comfortable but so cool all in one. It has open sides and open back too, I wore a lace came under since it was a family get together I was going to attend. Anytime I am with my kids I like to still dress stylish but comfy. I have another super cool little look I want to share with you guys, it's a lot more risqué and hoping to wear it for my birthday which is in exactly one week! I am going to be 32 you guys! Thirty two! I can't believe it, I totally feel 27 lol no but seriously I do.

I hope you all have a great week and stay tuned for some fun posts in the next couple of weeks, I am being featured in a really cool magazine soon and I can't wait to share the article. So keep tuned for that... just follow my Insta and Snapchat, both under lolabluestyle :)