I am so happy you all enjoyed my first day recap of my We All Grow Summit experience. Today I wanted to share day numero dos. I didn't want to post everything all in one post so that it's not overwhelming and that it is easy to read and take all in without missing a thing. So let's get started!
After that amazing trip to Catalina on day one, I was super charged and ready to take on day two. I felt eager to learn and to experience every moment of WAG. I am not sure if I mentioned it on the last post but this was my first time attending a conference, ever. I know... so crazy! So I wanted to truly capture every lesson, every word and every moment, 100%. 

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast while fueling our minds and souls with a couple of keynote panels. The first one was with Heather Connelly of Facebook. Such a sweet welcoming and so inspiring! But my favorite part of the morning was the Today.com panel. It was about The Convergence of Influence: How Traditional And New Media Are Connecting. I love love loved hearing Alicia Ybarbo (TODAY show producer & co-author of Shtty Mom) speak, she is so funny and truly makes me want to get up and aim for all my dreams even if I get a couple of "no's" here or there at first. 
Latina celebrities; Rosie Rivera and Gaby Espino had a sit down Q & A and it was nothing short of inspiring. Rosie was so real and humble and truly an inspiration. There will be some shorts of this on the blog. Gaby was very sweet, she even posed for a picture for me to send my family, that loves her. 
I was lucky enough to room with Dani Ramirez and hang out with Valentina Tamayo most of my time there. Valentina even adopted me for my last night at the hotel! Sweetest girls ever.
This was the view from our room. So breathtaking. 

 After the morning keynote panel, I got to mingle for a bit while enjoying the amazing sponsor suites (they spoiled us so much!- there will be an Instagram giveaway). I even got the chance to learn how to make my YouTube channel more appealing and successful with a personal one on one session! It was great, it was so informative and helpful. I learned so much and I am so grateful for this experience. The rest of the afternoon consisted of more sessions, I have so many notes and so many tips and ideas to put into play into my YouTube channel, my Pinterest, my Instagram, and pretty much every single social media account I have. I am so happy I decided to attend WAG. But honestly I can't take too much credit for my experience. It took a whole village to get me there... and they know exactly who they are. I love each and every one of you, I could never thank you enough.
One day, I will tell you all about that story, I promise.