So for today's post I wanted to share my final day and third at We All Grow Summit. You read all about Day One + Day Two and how great my experience was at the conference. I wanted to make sure I shared my experience with you in detail and telling you my story in a way that would make you feel like you were there too. And if you weren't I definitely recommend you start planning your attendance to WAG now! No but seriously We All Grow 2017 is already in the works! I know... Ana and her team are something else, lol. So if you are a blogger, YouTuber and/or influencer, I would suggest you start planning and looking into how you can make your way to California next year. It truly is worth the trip and the expense, trust me. 
photo credit: Robson Muzel (@muzele
On the last day (Saturday), we were treated to breakfast in bed thanks to Aguacates Frescos. Dani, Valentina and I, enjoyed ours on our balcony with our beautiful view. Right after I headed down to the #SpeakBeautiful keynote and panel which was presented by Dove. It was such an inspiring panel we even meditated and it felt amazing. One of the quotes that resonated with me the most during this panel was "words are energy, words create reality". Everything you think, say and put out into the world truly does become your reality. I left the panel so inspired. And felt so light and bright. 
I took a little breather and headed to the suites... then I had a one on one session with Pinterest  (such great tips and ideas!). I attended two more sessions and then it was lunch time. 
We had a delicious lunch with Disney Parks, we even got chocolate covered apples, that I brought back to the kids... they were delicious! I loved this keynote lunch. We got to preview some truly amazing new features that Disney Parks is planning beginning this spring. We got an inside look at new mind blowing rides, magical new shows and simply stunning features to come. I can't wait to take my kiddies to Disney and experience the magic. 
After a day of very informative sessions and bonding with other influencers, we enjoyed the #WeAllGrow Storytellers panel. I had heard so much about this part of the conference and truly couldn't wait to be there. So we enjoyed the stories of 6 inspiring, brave and stunning women, we laughed and we cried over cheese and wine. It was truly the perfect ending to such a beautiful, inspiring and encouraging week. And as usual, the day couldn't end without a bang... we had a little fiesta de despedida.  It was so sweet, the perfect ending to this life changing trip for me. You will be able to relive WAG with me on my vlog coming this week. So subscribe so you don't miss it.
To be completely honest, this trip was so much more to me that just the conference, just the networking, just the business aspect of my brand. It was about me. My person, my fears, my dreams, my mind and my children. It took a whole village to get me to California and I couldn't close this post without saying thank you. I am so thankful to Ana, for all your words of encouragement. Thank you Betty for being the best travel buddy ever, I will never forget our bonding moments. Gracias mi Dani bella for being the best roommate I could've asked for. and for checking in on me whenever I needed it. Helena, for being so sweet and supportive of what I do. Valentina, for being you and making me laugh so much, me hiciste sentir como si tuviese una partecita de mi Ecuador conmigo. To everyone I met and all the new friendships I built...GRACIAS for the love.
 But most of all thank you to my A-Team. To my mom, to my husband and to my best friends back at home who truly pushed me to do this. To those that prayed for me, during my difficult times, the ones that called and texted me that morning and lifted me so high... I couldn't back down. I am so grateful and feel so blessed. Amigas, mami, babe... you guys mean the world to me. I truly feel that I changed during those few days. I feel stronger than ever and it's all thanks to each of you. When I told you it took a village to get me there, I wasn't joking.