I honestly don't know where to begin to describe the last few days I just spent in California. As you may already know (hello! Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!) I attended the amazing We All Grow Summit in Long Beach, California. It was the first time I traveled without my kids and to be honest, it was a very difficult but very necessary decision I knew I had to make. And let me tell you, it was all worth it. I was so nervous leaving them, but they stayed with the two people I trust the most in the world; my mom and my husband. So I knew they would be in great hands. So off I went... I didn't know much of what to expect, I just knew I had to be there. See, We All Grow is a conference for influencers and bloggers alike executed by the amazing team at Latina Bloggers Connect. To say it was a life changing experience is pretty accurate. The relationships I built, the lessons I learned and all the love that my body and soul inhaled during this journey, were truly inspiring, filling, and just joyful. If I could sum up my experience at We All Grow in one word, it would be SISTERHOOD.
WAG was built to help influencers grow, not just on the business side of what we do, but mostly on the inside. At least for me, this is what it felt like and I know some of the women I spent my days with felt the same way. We spent three days filling our souls with knowledge, fire, love and inspiration.
I will be recapping the trip in parts, since I have so many pictures that I want you all to see. And of course, I am doing a vlog, so SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel so you can get an instant alert when I upload it. I promise it's going to be a good one. For now, let's get to the pictures!

D A Y   O N E

I was selected among 19 other women for an amazing trip to Catalina Island. with Neutrogena. We traveled to the island by yacht, it was so much fun even though the morning started off super cloudy, as soon as we got to the island, the sun came out and welcomed us with warmth and all of its joyful grace. Everyone took tons of pictures, we took in the beauty of the island and then we began our yoga session. It was the most peaceful and light I have felt in years, en serio. The location was everything, I felt like I was in another country. We made sure to protect our skin with Neutrogena's amazing sunscreen line. And then we got to "yoga-ing". After yoga, we took two minutes to meditate and truthfully, I felt like I was so relaxed, I could have stayed there the entire day. 

A   C O M E R . . .
We then had a delicious lunch complete with mimosas, fruit and some pretty sweet gifts. I am telling you nos trataron como reinas. This trip was a great way to connect with my blogger friends and experience a really fun few hours together, getting to know one another on a deeper level and just taking it all in. Four and a half years ago when I started this blog, I never expected it to be where it is today. It was never my intention to turn this blog into my full time brand and business. And what I love most is not just that I get to grow my business however I want, my way, my rules, but the fact that I am making some amazing memories and some truly great choices that I hope will inspire you, the person reading this, but most importantly for my children. I want them to know that anything is possible when you set your heart and mind to it. 

Thank you so much Neutrogena, We All Grow Summit and Latina Bloggers Connect for this amazing opportunity. To me, it was definitely one for the books and I will never forget it. 
Gracias for thinking of me and bringing me along for the fun ride. ps: The dolphins were everything!
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