Dresser: Ikea (Knobs: Home Depot) | Mirror, Bear, Lamp: Home Goods | Hamper: TJ Maxx

Happy Monday you guys! If you follow me on Instagram you have seen my little sneak peaks of my my progress in my home decor. I figured I would share it in here too in order to give you a little more details about my favorite stores to shop in that are both
affordable and always have amazing pieces. 
I love a beautiful bright room and when we bought this house the wall colors were so dark and very opposite of what I normally go for. We painted the house from floor to ceiling to bring out the house's beautiful bright spaces. When I started decorating I knew I wanted pretty pieces with feminine touches that would  make my home cozy and stylish. My daughter's room is
actually the smallest room in the house but has quickly become my favorite room, which features little delicate touches and sweet girly glances every where you look.
Pillow: Target | Table: Home Goods | Chair: Tuesday Morning

These are not the best quality pics when blown up for the blog but I wanted to share them regardless for a soon-to-be home series I am working on for the lifestyle portion of my blog. Some of my favorite home stores include; Target, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Ikea and of course Wayfair and Overstock online. Oh and Tuesday Morning which I just discovered and love! 
I love finding amazing pieces that are affordable because I truly believe that you don't have to break the bank to be stylish. You just have to be patient and have a good idea of what your personal style is. I love to mix textures and colors, even when the colors are in the same shade. Whites and beiges are my favorite of the moment, as you can see. 
And though I struggled with the thought of having these light colors at home because of my small kids, I went for them anyway, because I truly believe that a child should be taught that there are certain things that you just don't touch. With my son, we never removed any glass decor or any furniture, we simply taught him certain things were off limits. And he learned. Kids simply need to be taught and they will get it. We are doing the same with my daughter, so I trust that this will be the same as how it was with my son when he was her age. Of course, I have pinned my little cleaning hacks, because of course, spills happen, they are simply inevitable. But that's ok, because kids are kids and we must "let them be little".
I can't wait to share full room photos with you. Every room is getting decorated little by little, as I find the pieces I truly love. I ordered my son's dresser lat week and it should be here this week. His room is one of the rooms I am most excited to redo simply because he's a bigger boy now and is getting a big-big boy room. I love decorating my home and I hope that you can get a little inspired by my posts as I do by so many amazing decorators. Can't wait to share full posts of my home-decor journey, so stay tuned for that... and for better pics! ha! 
Sweet dreams amigos... espero les guste.