This post is sponsored by Target. As always, all opinions are my own.
Every year when the holidays come around, I struggle to come up with creative gifting ideas for the special people in my life. This year, I decided I would give three people the same gift to make it easier on myself and my time. So I went out to Target and bought three of these amazing touch-screen leather-and-suede gloves for three ladies in my life. I thought, "Gloves! Everyone loves them and needs them, so this is one of those gifts that is pretty much universal." To make things even better, they are touch screen—I own a pair and I am obsessed! So I knew they would love these! I added little accessories to each person's gift box for a little personal touch, according to their personality and their style. Personally, I love giving and receiving thoughtful gifts! 

The first gift box (PS: The gorgeous metallic boxes are $1.80 each on clearance!) is for my sister-in-law. Just like me, she has two children and is always on the go. The gloves are such a nice, neutral color that they go with everyone. Just like me, she loves paper calendars, so I knew she would love this super chic agenda. I added the gel nail polishes since she barely ever has time to sit at the salon since her schedule is always so busy. I love gel nail polish; I have these myself, and I know she will love them too! 

The second gift is great for every cool girl, and for this one I thought of my 20-year-old cousin. I've been obsessed with funky-cute socks lately, and I know she will love them too. So I purchased three pairs of these adorable ankle socks that I knew she would love. She's always on her cell phone, so I know she'll totally appreciate these touch-screen gloves too. Because she's been experimenting with makeup more and more lately, I wanted to give her one of my go-tos: my NYX concealer. Finally, I added a gold crown ornament to signify her; she's the princess of the family since she's the youngest one, so I knew she would feel extra special with this adorable gift. 

My last gift is for my mom. Every year she and my husband are my most difficult "giftees." I always end up giving her a few of her favorite things, always thinking about the things she loves. So I bought her a lavender hand lotion (it's her fave scent!) and a travel-size nail set, because she always loves her hands nice and manicured, and I love the compact look of this set. And, of course, the gloves! 

Buying one main piece to gift to various people made my life so much easier. It actually made it fun to get the little gifts to add to each present according to each person's personality. I hope you enjoyed these ideas and you get inspired to get some of these Target items for your special ones this holiday season. Don't forget that they are offering free shipping and returns through December 25th.
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